HyperX Clutch Wireless is presented as an ideal wireless controller for mobile phones and computers

Brian Adam

Adapting to the multi-platform demands of gamers, HyperX has just announced the arrival of the new HyperX Clutch Wireless, your new wireless gaming controller with a design similar to Xbox controllers (with a left joystick located above the directional pad), with an ergonomic design and textured grips, and wireless connectivity that makes it Compatible with any Android device and computer.

And it is that this command will allow us to easily switch between our devices thanks to Its dual wireless support through a Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity or a 2.4 GHz wireless receiver. In addition, we will have a USB-C to USB-A that will act as a connector to charge the controller as an additional method for connecting to a PC or tablet, allowing us to take full advantage of gaming in the cloud through multiple devices. Although autonomy should not be a problem, since this remote comes equipped with an integrated rechargeable battery of 600 mAh, capable of offering us up to 19 hours of duration on a single charge.


HyperX Clutch Wireless

Also, for use with smartphones, the HyperX Clutch Wireless comes bundled with a convertible clip with which we can hold any device between 41 and 86 millimeters in a safe and stable way, providing us with a more immersive and comfortable experience anywhere. And it is that this clip will not only be able to be hooked to the command, but it will also do its job as a table standthus extending its usefulness to virtually any screen.

As additional features, being a custom controller, the HyperX Clutch Wireless also includes some additional buttons for Turbo and Clear functionswhich will allow us to assign and change some fast repeat functions for any of the buttons.

Availability and price

Available immediately from the moment of its announcement, we can currently find the HyperX Clutch Wireless available for purchase through the brand’s official website, with a fairly moderate starting price of €59.99.