eufy security cameras are updated with a long-awaited feature

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706939488 237178911 1200x630.jpg

The eufy camera application has been updated incorporating a new function that allows you to control all of them simultaneously.


In Spain, they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. alarm systems and cameras for homes, whether flats or houses. The constant news about the occupation and the fear of robberies have triggered not only the hiring of services from security companies, but also the purchase of self-management cameras, such as those from Amazon or eufy.

Eufy cameras have become known for their good quality, as well as their excellent value for money, although they have not been without some problems in recent months. However, their performance and updates have allowed keep the company as one of the references.

The latest update of the mobile application, eufy Security, has brought one of the functions that was missed the most, that of be able to program the status of all cameras simultaneously with one press. No more going camera to camera changing the status to Away from Home when you leave and At Home when you arrive.

This update has reached users of these cameras in recent days and has enabled two new buttons in the main interface, one called “I’m leaving” and another called “I’m staying.” These two groups are created when you open the app for the first time after updating, but you can edit them in the Security tab at the bottom of the app.

In that section you can create new groups, so that they can be activated together, but without all the system cameras being there. For example, the exterior perimeter cameras can be activated but not the interior ones, or vice versa. Additionally, the name of those groups can be changed in that same section.


This change will not be of major importance for those who only have a camera of this brand, but Users with several will appreciate not having to change the mode of each one every time they leave or enter the house, something necessary unless they were using geofencing. If the application has not been updated automatically, you can download the latest version from the Google Play Store.

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