Best air purifier deals: Save on top air purifiers ahead of Prime Day

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Canadian wildfires are raging yet again, so you should seriously consider investing in an air purifier if you haven’t already bought one. Below are some of our top choices for air purifier deals ahead of Prime Day 2023 (which will be held July 11-12, and for which Amazon is already preparing by offering some major discounts across many item categories).

Allergies, furry pets, city pollution, and other factors of everyday living already justify having a handy air purifier in your home. To add to all that, Canadian wildfires are again contributing to unhealthy air levels across many parts of the continent. This calls for extra efforts to protect your lungs with a device that will clean your indoor air. As of June 29, you can save major dollars on air purifiers from brands like Dyson and Bissell at Amazon. Shop our picks for some of the best pre-Prime Day air purifier deals here.

Best intelligent air purifier deal

Why we like it

The Dyson Purifier Cool(opens in a new tab) is by far the most advanced air purifier on our list (and this is reflected in its price). It’s a purifier and fan all at once: with features like backward airflow mode, smart control via the MyDyson app, 350-degree oscillation, and a “night mode” setting that dims its display and makes it extra quiet. The Purifier Cool can project over 77 gallons of air a second and is engineered to be 20% quieter than Dyson’s previous air purifier model — making it mighty in power but not distracting to your everyday life. As a bonus, the MyDyson app will even notify you when it’s time to change this purifier’s filter.

Best value air purifier deal

Why we like it

The Bissell MyAir(opens in a new tab) air purifier comes in a 2-pack, which is more than any other option on “top picks” list can say for itself. It’s equipped with a 3-in-1 filter that tackles large and small airborne particles alike and doubles as an odor absorber. Since this purifier is also a fan (with three speed options), you can adjust its sounds to create a white noise environment. For optimal sleep comfort, Bissell MyAir lights up and can thus function as a night light. Note that it’s recommended for spaces around 100 square feet.

Best air purifier for pet households deal

Why we like it

The MORENTO HY4866 Air Purifier(opens in a new tab) is ideal for larger spaces, considering it works best in rooms of up to 1,076 square feet. Its double air inlet design allows it to perform purification on both sides simultaneously — maximizing efficiency and greatly benefitting households where pet hair/dander is an issue. The purifier’s HEPA filter can remove 99.97% of the air particles in your house. Its infrared sensor detects even the slightest variations in air quality, notifying you via its digital display. Overall, this one’s not the most compact of air purifiers, but it’s very powerful (without the sound effects to prove it).

Other air purifier deals

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