Bard’s path in 2024 depends on you: Google asks the community and these are the most popular requests

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bards path in 2024 depends on you google asks the.webp.webp.webp

Google Bard began its particular adventure in the year we have just left behind, with news since its launch. Since then, it has been receiving improvements and different announcements such as Assistant With Bard that we hope will improve the features of the personal assistant.

Already approaching the last quarter of the year we met Gemini, focused on improving the chatbot of Google and its mobile phones thanks to Gemini Nano. Now, the Bard team ask the community to find out what features await for this 2024 that has just begun.

Google wants to know your opinion

2023 has left us interesting news about Google’s artificial intelligence, which, as we have said before, has a very eventful 2024 when the transition to the Gemini model (in English they already enjoy the new capabilities), and of course, we are looking forward to seeing what the Google Assistant will be like.

These are the main challenges it faces, to stay alive in a race in which OpenAI has been in the lead with ChatGPT. Now, the team behind Google Bard wants to know our opinion.

This is echoed by the media 9to5Google, which has located a post on Reddit where Chris Gorgolewski, Bard product manager, asks the community a question.

The post in question is called “2024 Bard Wishlist” and shows us a photo of Gorgolewski used to verify his identity.

These are the words that the employee leaves us:

Hi – my name is Chris Gorgolewski and I am a product manager on the Bard team. We would love to learn what changes and new features in Bard you would all like to see in 2024.

If we thought it was the only interaction they search for from Google, we were wrong: on the other hand, Jack Krawczyk has left a post on Twitter X showing the Bard’s best four requests for 2024. Using the fifth as a wild card to know the public’s opinion, we have all kinds of responses.

Google Bard

In both publications, users have responded to Google Bard employees, highlighting several aspects repeated ad infinitum:

  • Google Bard App: To use Bard on mobile phones, we have to settle for its official website, which adapts its interface to their panel. Still, users want a dedicated app that may never land. For its part, Google seems to be bringing Bard to mobile phones only with Assistant.
  • Gemini Availability: Users ask that Gemini be available in more territories, in addition to being able to be used without the search engine (Bard is mixed with Search in the Android app).
  • Plugins for Bard– Plugins have arrived at Bard’s rival, ChatGPT, in the form of small plugins that extend the capabilities of the chatbot. For Google’s solution, there is nothing similar at the moment.

In these publications, Google workers thank the participants for their ideas, while leaving us some impressions – such as the response to the Bard app, insisting that it will be the integration with Assistant – which leads us to wonder what they will be. the most used features when they are released. Likewise, we read you in the comments to know your opinion. What do you want from Bard for 2024? Do you want an official application so badly?

Via | 9to5Google

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