Don’t trust ChatGPT: these are the most frequent errors, according to experts

dont trust chatgpt these are the most frequent errors according.jpg
dont trust chatgpt these are the most frequent errors according.jpg

ChatGPT is infallible, don't trust it

ChatGPT, the Artificial Intelligence created by Open AI, has become the revolutionary technology of recent years after having integrated it into our daily lives in a more intensive way throughout 2023. During its existence, thousands of users have interacted with the tool to ask all types of questions hoping to receive an accurate and precise answer that will leave them beyond doubt, but the truth is that ChatGPT makes many mistakes in its execution.



Artificial Intelligence is here to stay and in the business world, numerous companies are already jumping on the bandwagon to invest in projects with the aim of making room for this technology that is sweeping the world. However, this event is still in its premature phase and caution is recommended when using it, since one of the most used tools, such as ChatGPT, is in the spotlight of many experts after having detected that some of the responses generated lack coherence and can, on several occasions, lead to totally inappropriate results.

The insecurities of using ChatGPT

Although ChatGPT can be considered a technology capable of performing surprising tasks to make our work and other entertainment-oriented tasks a little easier, the thing is that it can present insecurities in its use. According to a survey conducted by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) During the month of July, one in two users has already tried ChatGPT, although only 11% claim to use it frequently and 3% use it daily.

Furthermore, 24% of those surveyed stated that they do not trust the answers provided by the AI ​​application and, therefore, they no longer continue using it. In this case, experts say that it is not an effective technology. Josep Curto, professor of Computer Science, Multimedia and Telecommunications Studies at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya (UOC), highlighted that «ChatGPT is foolproof which can introduce errors as it is a generative system, frequently called hallucinations, in a clear case of anthropomorphism.



ChatGPT is infallible, don't trust it

The most frequent ChatGPT errors

As in this life, nothing is perfect and, naturally, Artificial Intelligence goes the same way. And ChatGPT is a clear example because, in addition to not clearly providing some questions that are asked, it is also not able to find out some of them, jumping to other topics that have nothing to do with that context. Professor Curto explains that “some of the most frequent errors in ChatGPT are profound and can significantly affect the answers you provide.«.

One of the most common mistakes is to offer incorrect or unfinished answersbut they are also usually reflected failures in verifiable facts. Other of the most unstable situations are mathematical reasoning, unethical responses or responses with human, technical or systemic biases and errors in languages ​​that are not English, the language par excellence.

In order to solve this situation, while waiting for improvements to be introduced to update the AI ​​tool, experts advise consult reliable sources to the answers they indicate to us to contrast the information in a more secure way. In turn, they recommend using ChatGPT following a series of guidelines in the questions to obtain more accurate answers, such as the use of prompts which will surely become more popular in the future when AI becomes better established in our society.



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