Telegram 10.5 opens the year with better calls and bots and a Thanos cameo

telegram 105 opens the year with better calls and bots.webp.webp.webp
telegram 105 opens the year with better calls and bots.webp.webp.webp

The latest Telegram update continues to polish the application with a package of news somewhat less numerous than on other occasions, but just as interesting as always.

With this new version the application launches a new interface for video calls which, in addition to being more colorful, uses less battery, brings the Thanos effect to Android for deleting messages and improves its bot platform.

Full color calls

Telegram has given video calls a little review to get them ready for holiday greetings. To start, the application has fixed hundreds of bugs and errors in the interface, in addition to improve the quality of video calls.

Besides, the video calling interface changes completely with new animations and backgrounds that change color depending on whether the call is ringing, active or has already ended. This new interface, Telegram assures, requires less battery and should work better on older devices.

Thanos effect when deleting messages

Telegram 10.3 brought us the effect of Thanos’ snap for messages that were automatically deleted when they expired. Now this effect is available on both Android and iOS and displayed when deleting any messageeven if it was manually and not because it was a message in a chat with self-destruct active.

The effect itself shows how the chat bubble vaporizes into a multitude of particles. It is curious and the best of all is that, they say on Telegram, it is an effect with low energy consumption.

Best bots

Finally, Telegram has improved its bot platform to make it even more powerful. The platform allows developers create bots with dozens of new functions such as reacting to messages, managing reactions, quotes and links, sending replies to other chats or topics and much more.

This is one of the biggest updates to the platform and, if you are interested in creating your own bot for Telegram, you can check out all of list of news on this website.

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