ASUS exchange program in Brazil is improved and receives new updates

ASUS exchange program in Brazil is improved and receives new updates
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THE ASUS announced new updates to its exchange program, Zentroca, to improve the user experience through a faster and more sustainable way of making it easier to purchase more sophisticated equipment at a lower price.

According to the company, from now on, the maximum exchange value goes from R$ 2,000.00 to up to R$ 3,000.00, depending on the brand, model and state of conservation of the used product, which can be valid in the exchange for a new ASUS.

In addition, the program now allows a used smartphone to be exchanged for a new notebook and vice versa. The number of different brands and models of notebooks and smartphones accepted by Zentroca was also increased.

A product evaluation conducted by technicians trained by Central Zentroca is required and, by agreeing to this analysis, the consumer receives a discount coupon to make the purchase on the official ASUS website or at one of the 54 exchange points.

When purchasing a new product, the consumer must use the discount coupon and the balance can be paid using credit cards in up to 12 fixed installments or PIX transfer with a 10% discount additional to the coupon.

If the exchange is online, the equipment is evaluated within 72 hours after receipt by Central Zentroca. In face-to-face cases, the analysis takes place at the moment and, by agreeing to it, in both situations, the user receives the discount coupon.

“Old, broken or unused cell phones and notebooks can no longer just take up space and become useful. We aim to give a correct destination for these devices, in addition to making more people have the opportunity to know and purchase our brand products”, explained the E-commerce and Marketplace manager at ASUS Europe, Marcio Nunes.

Finally, ASUS highlighted that it offers a service in its physical stores, with a small additional cost, through which the files on the HD or SSD of the equipment delivered are permanently erased, without risk to the consumer.

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