Apple, the lineup of products arriving until the first half of 2024


Having put the Vision Pro “aside”, it is time for Apple to focus on all the other devices that will be launched between now and the first half of next year.


Although it has now been presented, the work on the Vision Pro is obviously far from finished. Indeed, one could almost say that it has just begun. As stated by Mark Gurmana Bloomberg journalist, Apple is not only working on the current model but also on the its second generation and a low-end viewer.

For the current model there is still the operating system, visionOS, to be finalized, which has only been made available to developers only in recent days. We need to finalize the EyeSight function, the one that allows the viewer to show the user’s eyes to others during use.

There are other native apps to optimize and there are also some aspects related to the hardware to improve to try to make it a little more comfortable. The time available to Apple, although it may still seem like a lot, is very little.


But in addition to the Vision Pro, on which a large part of the internal resources would have been concentrated, Apple is also working on many high “updates” of existing devices: in addition to the new generation of iPhones, there would also be the arrival of the new Apple Watches, iMacs with M3, MacBook Pro and Air and new iPads, both Pro and Air.

More in detail, according to Gurman there would be on the way:

  • Apple Watch Series 9 and an updated version ofUltra (code names N207, N208 and N210).
  • A 13-inch MacBook Pro with M3 (codename J504).
  • MacBook Pro 14 inch and 16 inch with M3 Pro and M3 Max (codenamed J514 and J516).
  • New iMacs (codenamed J433 and J434) with 24-inch screens but there is also a 30-inch in development.
  • New MacBook Air releases (codenamed J613 and J615).
  • Refurbished iPad Pros with OLED screens (codenamed J717 and J720).
  • A new iPad Air (codenamed J507) to replace the current M1-based model.

Therefore, a very wide range of products to which accessories should also be added. In fact, Apple has already started developing a version of third generation of AirPods Pro“smart” display for the home is a new Apple TV with improved specifications.

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