Apple AirTags reveal theft of donations for earthquake victims in Turkey

Apple AirTags reveal theft of donations for earthquake victims in Turkey
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Turkey and Syria were hit by a massive 7.8 magnitude earthquake in February this year that killed more than 5,000 people and injured 30,000, in addition to making millions homeless. In the face of such a massive catastrophe, various organizations such as the Humble Bundle have scrambled to collect donations for those in need.

However, youtuber and journalist Pamela Cerdeira discovered that some items donated by her were stolen and the ones they needed never arrived.

Cerdeira says he suspected his donations would never reach those in need and decided to place two Apple AirTags inside two packages sent to collection centers organized by the government of Mexico. One of them had rice and the other had toilet paper.

When tracking the location of both, Cerdeira noticed that neither of them left the country, both were in markets in Mexico City. The journalist monitored the location of the two packages for about 20 days and went to the location to find out what was happening.

The journalist discovered that the toilet paper package was being resold in a market, while the rice package was in a warehouse organized by a congressman, but the security guards did not let the journalist in to verify what state it was and what use it was being made. of the donation.

The situation is worrying, as the government of Mexico claims to have collected 30 tons of donations for Turkey, which makes us suspect whether all of them really reached those in need. It is still too early to confirm, but at least what was donated by Cerdeira was diverted to other hands.

In response, the Mexico City government said it would look into what happened, investigate what happened to the donations and why they were not sent to Turkey.

This is not the first time AirTags have been used in this way. In April, police located a car hijacked in Washington, and in May, a stolen truck with more than $1 million worth of goods was also recovered using the Apple accessory.

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