Absurd luxury, the most expensive iPhone 15 in the world are made with real meteorites

The gold iPhones pass away and leave the way for another type of edition that is as surreal as it is unnecessary: mobile phones with casing made from real pieces of meteorite. If you want the greatest luxury, no matter how absurd it may be, be prepared to pay a good amount of dollars.

At least, the idea doesn’t come from Apple. It has been the Caviar company, which seems to not believe that the iPhone 15 has a sufficiently high price and has decided to set the bar even higher. This entity is an old acquaintance of those users who like luxury and limited editions, and has not hesitated to take the search to make devices that are different from everything to the extreme. For better or worse, we talk to you about the iPhone 15 in the UFO Collection.

For science fiction lovers

The brand promotes this edition of the iPhone named UFO Collection for lovers of science fiction and space movies like Alien or Star Wars. Among the three versions that have been announced, the most expensive of all is the Astral. This costs $9,310 in its 128 GB Pro version, with a price that increases in the other models.


You must keep in mind that Only 24 units will be manufactured of the Astral model, although the Alien version, which we will talk to you about later, will still be more limited with only 15 copies. In any case, the important thing about the Astral edition is that it is made with the incorporation of a representation of the Milky Way made with the use of 24 carat gold. If you look at the photo, you will see that the different elements of the design have various colors. But the most important thing is the center of the Milky Way, where a two-millimeter black diamond is found.

Not only that, since the casing also has other stones that come from different places in the universe. Some are originally from the Moon, others from Mars and also there are remains of the Muonionalusta meteorite. It fell in Sweden in 1906 and part of its remains have come into the hands of this company, which is using them to create what could be the strangest iPhones ever designed.

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Alien and Starship Editions

All versions of the UFO Collection have a very high price, but at least the Alien model is a little cheaper than the Astral. Its cost starts at $8,200 and, as we told you, there are fewer units. Its design is quite curious, since it incorporates the face of an alien, evoking science fiction movies that we all know. In this case gold is not used, but it does have meteorite fragments. The alien’s head is designed with ceramic-coated titanium to give it more strength, while the eyes are where the meteorite pieces are found. The same meteorite has not been used as in the Astral model, but, in this model, The meteorite used is the Murchison which fell in Australia in 1969.

Lastly is the Starship version, which is suspiciously reminiscent of a Star Wars ship even though it is designed without any type of license or copyright. This is the most standard proposal of the three, as well as the most “economical” with a cost starting at $7,910. In addition, 99 units will be manufactured. From what we read on the Caviar website, this model does not include meteorite fragments, but it does include the titanium back as in the Alien version.

Beyond their designs, these are iPhone 15 Pro phones with all their features, although it is already mentioned that it is unlikely to work the MagSafe system. The reason is the titanium cover they have, which also blocks you from being able to use wireless charging. But what does that matter when you can have meteorite fragments embedded in your phone?

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