Xiaomi presents a “wireless” exercise bike and perfect for any corner

Xiaomi presents a
xiaomi presents a "wireless" exercise bike and perfect for any

Xiaomi has established itself as one of the main players in the technology sector in record time. On the one hand, his telephone division, with unbeatable prices, managed to gain a foothold in the sector much faster than expected. And little by little it has been expanding its family of products to offer all kinds of solutions.

We’ve already told you about Xiaomi Smart Home Hub 2, a switchboard capable of controlling all your smart devices, or its latest 3K camera. And now it’s the turn of a new smart exercise bike that stands out for its measured dimensions.

As usual in the brand, they have opted for their collective financing platform to launch this perfect product to set up a gym at home for very little money and without having to use a plug. Mainly because This new Mijia Spinning Bike has an exchange price of 220 euros.

This is the new Xiaomi smart exercise bike

We talk about the first Xiaomi self-generating electric bike. You can use it unplugged, since it uses a generative charging system to be able to train where you need it, such as the terrace, for example.

Xiaomi presents a "wireless" exercise bike and perfect for any corner

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On the other hand, It has a 20W wireless charging system, it will allow you to charge compatible phones without problem. In this way, it is not only useful for training without a plug nearby, but you can also charge any device with wireless charging.

covering a area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 0.45 mthis self-generating exercise bike can be stored wherever you want, and its weight of 39 kilograms makes it fairly manageable if you have to change its location.

The smooth arc-shaped magnetic plate design effectively reduce the noise of self-generated electricity, so you don’t disturb family or neighbors. Without a doubt, Xiaomi’s Mijia Spinning Bike is a product to use whenever you need it, day or night.

Although it does not have a connection to the current, you can choose between 32 levels of resistance, in addition to controlling the cadence, calories burned and much more through its control Panel.

The truth is that it is a most complete product and that it will more than meet the needs of any corner and that it has a demolition price. At the moment it will not leave China, but seeing that it costs about 220 euros to change, it is worth waiting for distributors who send this to Spain Xiaomi Mijia Spinning Bike to enjoy a model of the most complete.


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