What does it mean to work or study in the cloud, this is Google Cloud with artificial intelligence

Brian Adam

Three years have passed since the pandemic began and at this point many activities returned to normal. But one sector that underwent a fundamental shift was the technology industry, which found solutions to many problems and that only represents progress. As in the case of the cloud.

This concept was born in the 1960s and even before the appearance of covid-19 it was used in some companies, but the shift that meant being all from home taking care of our health forced its adoption to be done at an accelerated rate. In some cases rushed.

A process that allows that today, the cloud is not an exclusive subject of technology experts or only present in large companies, but rather that users take advantage of it in their daily lives and that small companies learn to use it to optimize their businesses. .


A panorama that from Google Cloud they are very present. In interview with infobae, Natalia Scaliter general manager of this sector of the company in Argentina gave details of how the cloud is progressing, the use cases, the need to scale stages and understand that this tool is the natural step in the technological evolutionary chain.

The advance of the cloud since the pandemic led this technology to be part of the daily life of users and companies.

The advance of the cloud since the pandemic led this technology to be part of the daily life of users and companies.

The cloud of the pandemic to today

How the evolution of cloud use was marked thanks to the pandemic

“Let’s say, the technology is the same, the technology was already there. But the pandemic managed to accelerate adoption, so those fears that were had or the doubts that were had about the capabilities of the cloud, security, the possibility of being able to execute artificial intelligence algorithms in real time when the data is in a data center thousands of kilometers away. All those doubts went away because we were forced to quickly adopt them to continue operating.

That was a great advantage in the sense that it accelerated adoption and advanced the digital transformation in companies by many years, the issue is that they did it in an inorganic way because they had to do it at full speed.”

What stage are we at now, after that adoption push?

“We don’t see a slowdown. What we see is a degree of optimization. Because they start with more knowledge to use the cloud more efficiently. Then, a second stage appears in the digital transformation, which is to go from knowing that the cloud is an enabler to seeking innovation.

It is the stage in which companies ask themselves: ‘what do we do with all this, now we have a lot of data’. This is how they begin to make efficient use of this data to not only make better business decisions, but also create new services. Bearing in mind that customers have also gone digital, not just companies”.

General Manager of Google Cloud in Argentina.

General Manager of Google Cloud in Argentina.

What are the points that are pushing the advance of the cloud

“The first is that today there is a much more demanding digital customer, because there are many digital natives with high experience demands and companies understand that there is a user at the center of everything. The second point is the cultural change that is taking place in customers and companies regarding the adoption of these technologies, understanding that they do not come to replace any particular function of people, but are there to increase their value.

The third point is the access to the information provided by the cloud and the ability to analyze large volumes in real time at low cost, especially since doing it analogically did not take advantage of it and only used 5%”.

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Besides data storage, what other use cases does the cloud have today?

“Today most of the platforms we consume are through the cloud. Let’s say, Google products are consumed through the cloud like YouTube, Gmail, Drive, etc. But also, logistics services and telemedicine were boosted by the pandemic, which was one of the huge cultural changes because it allowed people to have access to doctors, especially in large countries like Latin America, also freeing up waiting rooms. and give priority to really urgent cases. Everything becomes a virtuous circle”.

Other cases are real-time recommendations in a digital store, which through artificial intelligence allow us to recommend what another product should be that may be related to the purchase that is being made.

Also, in Contact Centers, customer service can be optimized with an algorithm that answers almost 80% of the questions with a level of detail that the user does not realize that they are talking to a robot.

The advance of the cloud since the pandemic led this technology to be part of the daily life of users and companies.

The advance of the cloud since the pandemic led this technology to be part of the daily life of users and companies.

How to learn to use the cloud being any type of user

“In the coming years we will all be working for the cloud without realizing it. Although there are many related careers that have to do with technology, we launched a learning platform from Google Cloud called Capacita+ that is available for free and serves to train at any level from which you start, either as an end user as for a consultant programmer or developer”, he stated.

Therefore, there are different levels to work in the cloud, which is why the most important thing is to know that anyone can work with it regardless of their needs.