It’s official: There will be an iPhone with a USB Type-C port


Apple has given its most direct confirmation to date that we will see an iPhone with USB-C in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

The European Union is going to force all phones sold in its member countries to use the connector if they have a physical charger. Asked if the company will replace the Lighting, Apple marketing chief Greg Joswiak responded by saying: “Obviously we will have to comply [la ley]We have no other choice.”

Regarding deadlines, Joswiak responded by saying that “Europeans are the ones who dictate the deadlines for European customers.” Currently, the law dictates that “all mobile phones and tablets” will have to use USB-C for “the fall of 2024.» This means that it could take time to see an iPhone with USB-C, although some rumors suggested that this could happen next year.

Joswiak declined to answer whether the company will include the connector in phones sold outside the EU.

Apple also makes it clear in that interview that it doesn’t like being legally forced to make the switch. The company says it has historically preferred to go its own way and trust its engineers rather than be forced to adopt hardware standards by lawmakers.

He also suggested that switching from iPhone to Lightning to USB-C would cause a lot of electronic waste, given the sheer number of Lightning cables out there.

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