Usually $1,000, this Samsung 43-inch 4K monitor is $500 today

odyssey neo g7 dl4.jpg
odyssey neo g7 dl4.jpg
Samsung's 2023 Odyssey Neo G7 sitting on a table.

As the best graphics cards push further into the limits of what is technically possible, gaming monitor makers like Samsung are trying to get ahead of the game with things like the Odyssey Neo G7. A chunky gaming monitor, it has many interesting features if you want to play games on the cutting edge. While it’s usually $1,000, Samsung has discounted it to just $500, which is pretty substantial.

Why you should buy the 43-inch Samsung Odyssey Neo G7 4K Gaming Monitor

This 43-inch version of the Odyssey Neo G7 is perfect for those who want to game on a relatively massive monitor. While 4k resolutions aren’t as impressive as they used to be, what is impressive is that the Neo G7 can hit 144Hz on 4k. Of course, that means you’ll have to grab some powerful GPU deals to run the screen at 144Hz 4k, such as the Nvidia RTX 4090 or the AMD Radeon RX 7900 XTX. Luckily, the Neo G7 comes with AMD FreeSync Premium Pro to help with screen tearing, so it will work with whichever GPU maker you end up going for; if you’re not sure which one is better, be sure to check out our breakdown of FreeSync vs. G-Sync.

Interestingly, the Neo G7 is somewhat of a widescreen monitor, so you can expand beyond the typical 16:9 aspect ratio to 21:9 to see more of the game world on the screen at a time. We also appreciate that the menu is quick and easy to navigate, with a game bar allowing you to switch modes, fps, and a few other things with a few easy clicks. For example, the screen comes with VESA Display HDR600, but you might not always want that working, especially if you’re playing a game where FPS is more important and need that extra GPU power to go to frames.

Overall, the Odyssey Neo G7 is a beast of a gaming monitor, and we’re a bit surprised that Samsung has discounted it down to $500, so we strongly recommend that you grab it if you like what you see. Of course, if you’d like something a bit different, there are some other great monitor deals you can take advantage of.

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