This smartphone case promises to scare away attackers!

this smartphone case promises to scare away attackers!
this smartphone case promises to scare away attackers!

The French start-up Safee has created a connected smartphone shell to fight against attacks. Easy to trigger, it emits a shrill alarm and warns your contacts.

Your smartphone could soon become your best weapon to defend yourself. A French start-up had the idea of ​​transforming the smartphone into an anti-aggression tool. Safee has designed a connected shell containing an electronic box which allows attackers to flee and alerts its contacts.

Just like anti-aggression whistles, the case relies on noise as a deterrent weapon, thanks to its 130 alarm.. To do this, simply press the button on the box three times. However, unlike the whistle, this is not its only advantage. The box is connected via Bluetooth to the smartphone . Thanks to the’Safee, it sends a notification to emergency contacts and triggers the smartphone ‘s cameras and microphones . The device transmits geolocation and live images so that your loved ones can contact emergency services if necessary, and the application stores evidence which can be shared with law enforcement later when filing a complaint.

The case requires a subscription

The case is however limited to the latest iPhone models. For other smartphones , the case is sold alone and can be adapted to all phone models thanks to a magnetic attachment, according to the manufacturer. The case is the same size as a bank card, with a thickness of 7.2 millimeters and a weight of 40 grams. The autonomy is announced between 7 and 10 days, and the device is recharged via a socket.

Count 54.90 euros for the case alone, and 5 euros more for the shell, to which you will have to add a subscription of 2.90 euros per month for the application.

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