This new application is the best ally so that you don’t forget anything: it is free and its design is exceptional

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This app allows you to create joint lists with other people and even add extra information so that it is impossible to forget any details.

In Spain, many people use homework applications to enjoy better organization when working or planning their studies. The truth is that having these types of tasks written down somewhere means that we do not have to actively remember them and that we can focus on other things in the meantime.

There are quite a few applications of this type on Google Play, some with more advantages than others. One of the best known was Wunderlistwhich closed last 2019. Now, they have presented a new project in the form of an app called Superlist, which is even better than its predecessor.

It is a well-designed, organized software with a very well-designed section that looks like it has been well cared for. It is completely free, and at EL ESPAƑOL – El Androide Libre we have tested it to tell you everything it has to offer.


The first thing you need to know about this application is that it is designed for both individual use and work-focused use. In fact, work groups and for individuals. Within the application you can separate the tasks belonging to each of these areas, blouses you can create more categories to have everything organized perfectly.

The concept behind the application does not hide any secrets. These are different lists in which you can write down all types of pending tasks, whether they have more or less priority, or even if their deadline is within a month, since it is possible to set the due date to remember when it should be done. . Within each task, you can add more information.


One of the sections of the application will show all the tasks that are in queue, showing first those that are closest in time. From here you can mark the task as completed, add other people or set the time limit.

There are two other sections of the application that are also very useful. One of them is dedicated to showing all the tasks that have been noted and that have to be carried out today. Another is dedicated exclusively to displaying the messages that arrive from other users with whom tasks are shared.

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