This is what I do every time my mother-in-law’s cell phone comes into my hands. This is how I optimize Android in five minutes

this is what i do every time my mother in laws cell.webp.webp.webp
this is what i do every time my mother in laws cell.webp.webp.webp

My mother-in-law is not very technological, although she uses several applications on a daily basis and performs relatively well. However, she is still somewhat afraid of Android and every time I meet her she has homework for me: to help you update applications.

Every time the phone asks her to update this or that, she is blocked and has no initiative to accept something that she is not sure what it is, despite it being very simple. Taking advantage of the moment, I usually put into practice a quick optimization, about five minutes so that the mobile, which is an entry-level Samsung Galaxy, breathes a little more

Update everything upgradable


As I mentioned before, the main problem it has is with updates, because in a way it does not understand why the applications or the system need to be updated so frequently. It’s even worse when are more mysterious updates such as system updates or security patches. Even though the process is simply pressing a button and waiting for the mobile to restart, he doesn’t dare.

Or if you dare has no patience to wait for it to complete well it is a Samsung Galaxy A13 and it has a little bit of power, so a system update may take several minutes. If the cell phone doesn’t respond quickly, she gets nervous and ends up turning it off with the verdict of “this doesn’t work.”

In short, every time I have his cell phone in my hand, the first thing I do is check for system and app updates not so much for the new features they bring, but to avoid future problems in which an application asks for an update to continue using it or skips a system update and gets a little scare again.

Remove spam notifications from websites

Heavy Store

On my way to update applications I usually come across a notification panel that is full of notifications, the vast majority of which are unnecessary. For example, they are directly spam from some website or store that you visited once and accepted the notifications by mistake.

Since I am, I take the opportunity to disable notifications for websites I view, although if the problem gets worse, I will probably choose to eliminate them all at once. Everything is to free up the notification panel and ensure that important messages are not buried.

Calm down a little, Pinterest


Speaking of useless notifications, I can’t help but mention Pinterest, which is one of my mother-in-law’s favorite apps. With Pinterest you are entertained by viewing all types of content but in exchange Pinterest sends an excessive number of notifications to such an extent that you can have 90% of the notification panel collapsed by pin suggestions and the like

Of course, you can set Pinterest to reduce notifications, but it doesn’t make it too easy either. Over time I have gone blocking different categories of notifications with the notification channels, although it will surely be necessary to remove all notifications at some point. It will have to be amputated.

Clear cache and unnecessary files


Deleting the cache on a mobile phone that has just a bit of power is a double-edged sword, because after doing so it will go a little slower by having to regenerate the cache every time you open a new application, but taking into account that it also it’s a little tight on storage spaceI would say it’s worth it.

Of course, instead of going one by one, what I do is use the Samsung maintenance to do a quick clean. When his mobile phone was not Samsung, he did it by cleaning Google Files. Just a quick cleaning and that’s it.

Restart to end the session

Finally, a reboot never hurts. Half because who knows when was the last time the phone was restarted and half as a placebo. At the end of the day, there isn’t that much difference between before and after she gave me the phone, but after someone has given it a quick once-over, at least she can rest assured that it works as well as possible.

In essence, I simply do a quick little maintenance which takes no more than five minutes and should help reduce my mother-in-law’s friction with her Android phone and avoid “scares” later. So far I have had no complaints about the service.

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