The keys that you have to take into account before taking a mobile phone to be repaired

risk free mobile launch this is all that is covered by the warranty for your new smartphone
risk free mobile launch this is all that is covered by the warranty for your new smartphone

If you need to repair your mobile at the technical service, you must protect your data to be as safe as possible and avoid any risk.


If you are unlucky enough to break a cell phone that is still in good condition, there are only two options: take it for repair or, if the price is very high, buy a new one. In Spain, many people opt for the former if the mobile phone has been purchased recently or if it still has a useful life ahead of it.

At the end of the day, buying a new device can be a significant expense that is not always necessary. However, if this is to be carried out, it must be taken into account that it is convenient to perform other actions on the device that is going to be fixed.

This can not only help the monkey staff perform their jobs better, but it is also something that considerably improves the security and privacy of the user who owns the device.

Essential steps before sending the mobile

In the process from when the technical service receives and analyzes the mobile until its owner recovers it, it passes through many hands. This doesn’t have to be bad, but it is true that, When you are away from the device and cannot supervise it, it never hurts to take precautions.

Therefore, eliminate from a device all types of sensitive information that we have previously saved on it. Photos, videos or important documents should disappear from the device. The same thing happens if you have logged in to applications such as banking or social networks. In fact, in this sense the best option may be restore the device to its factory stateso that technicians can also use it to carry out post-repair technical tests.

Unless the repair house itself indicates so, any type of accessory should not be included with the device. The same happens with the micro SD cards and SIM cards, which must be removed before sending the mobile. In fact, the return of any of these elements is not usually assured if they are sent together with the device.

Repair mode

Some Android phones, such as the Google Pixel, have an option called Repair Mode within Settings. This serves precisely to activate a secure environment in which no one can access the phone’s personal information, if I can access certain functions of its hardware to verify that everything is working correctly.

It is within the System section, and to use it, as shown in the configuration, it is necessary to have at least 2 GB of available storage. Any changes made while in this mode will not be saved when you return to the normal state of the device, including downloaded files, which will be automatically deleted.

Just after activating it by entering the method to unlock the screen that is normally used, the device will restart entering this mode, something that may take a few minutes, but it can provide great protection against other people.

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