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NASA’s Year-Long Mars Simulation Is a Test of Mental Mettle


With the Mars simulation, Haney suggests that NASA should watch the crew for danger signs, like symptoms of depression, heightened ...

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SpaceX’s Starship Explodes During First Orbital Test Flight


SpaceX hasn’t fully addressed all 75 bullet points, and the process is ongoing, Coleman said. The FAA’s license is valid ...

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SpaceX aims to launch world’s most powerful rocket on Monday


SpaceX is targeting Monday, April 17, for the maiden launch of the most powerful rocket ever built after receiving clearance ...


The next NASA-SpaceX ISS launch is scheduled for Feb. 27


Ready to take off.Image: Handout (Getty Images) NASA’s next four-person mission to the International Space Station (ISS) is now due ...

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With this NASA tool, you can see all the active fires in the world on your mobile

Brian Adam

Lightning, a cigarette butt, a spark, a poorly extinguished fire or, simply, human action are some of the possible causes ...

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This image left NASA experts perplexed – here’s why

Brian Adam

Earlier this week, NASA researchers posted satellite images of Russia on their website. The photos show the land on both ...

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NASA has identified a really “strange” hole on Mars

Brian Adam

NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spotted something really curious on the Martian surface: a deep pit, which appears in the form ...

NASA tries again: the SLS will attempt the test that has recently 'failed' at the end of February

NASA tries again: the SLS will attempt the test that has recently “failed” at the end of February

Brian Adam

NASA has been working on yours for about a decade Space Launch System, the new propulsion system that should bring ...

NASA announces: the OSIRIS-REx probe will leave Bennu's orbit in May

NASA announces: the OSIRIS-REx probe will leave the orbit of Bennu in May

Brian Adam

OSIRIS-REx is a probe owned by NASA that made itself famous in late 2020 for successfully capturing a significant amount ...

These sounds are like something breaking, rattling or a space creature whistling.  (Photo: File)

NASA has released a playlist of “mysterious space voices”

Brian Adam

Pasadena, California: The US space agency NASA has released a selection of various space sounds recorded from its spacecraft in ...

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