Monitor the International Space Station from your mobile with the new NASA app

monitor the international space station from your mobile with the new nasa app
monitor the international space station from your mobile with the new nasa app

After many years in which the cosmos has not been a priority for either governments or companies, the conquest of space has returned to the foreground thanks to private companies such as Space X. Public entities are also once again betting on increasing stellar knowledge, such as ESA, which has published the first images of the Euclid telescope , which has Spanish technology.

This new space fever has spread to social networks , with sightings of certain elements, such as the Space X satellite trains, which have even become a source of conspiracy theories. One of the corporations that has joined this trend of giving visibility to its operations is NASA, which recently launched Nasa+, a free streaming service to see how NASA approaches its space missions.


Another similar movement is the launch of Spot The Station, a mobile application that allows you to know at all times where the ISS , the International Space Station, is, which is visible from Earth if the sky is clear. It can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store .

Monitoring the ISS

The app connects to Mission Control at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to forecast station sighting opportunities . There are more than 6,700 locations around the planet. Obviously, this does not guarantee that you can know if it will pass over each town or city, but it does guarantee if there is a sighting point nearby.


The application shows the route of the International Space Station in real time on a map , so you know where it has been and where it will be in the next few hours. In addition, it has an augmented reality tool that allows you to focus the camera towards the station to take a photo.


At the top there are two time indicators. One marks the time of the next sighting at the location chosen when installing the application. The other allows you to know how much time is left until said sighting, so that you don’t forget. In addition, the application allows you to receive notifications, something that doesn’t hurt in this type of situation.


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