This is the easiest and safest way to download all your data from Reddit

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Reddit is slowly following in Twitter’s footsteps and, for example, charging third-party apps for access to its APIs. The result: Apollo, one of the most popular iPhone apps, will shut down after determining that the new prices would cost it $2 million a month. RIF, another popular app, is also being pulled for the same reason. It’s true that Reddit has every right to charge for its API and has a lot to gain if more people use its (terrible) official app. Reddit CEO Steve Huffman argued that the changes are being exaggerated by some. But if all of this makes you wonder what might happen to the posts and comments you’ve made on Reddit over the years, you’re not alone. Without going any further, David Brownman, a programmer based in San Mateo, California, has commented in a Reddit thread the following: “I have invested a lot in Reddit over the years and I did not like the idea of ​​it being inaccessible for me”. He adds: “It’s my content and I’ll have to be its custodian if Reddit isn’t. I also refer to my old posts a lot, so having full-text search was important to me.” This is how you download all your data from Reddit We explain how you can get hold of all the data you have on Reddit. To do this, it is best to use the official option offered by the company and which, luckily, is free -at least for the moment-. As you will see, everything is really simple and you do not put the inflation in question at risk. Reddit has a form where you can request a copy of your data. The process can take up to 30 days for you to have the different files available to download (your comments, your posts, your voting history and your chats, among other things), after which you will receive a private message on your Reddit account with a download link. The data is presented in the form of CSV files that you can open with Microsoft Excel or any text editor. This method has some disadvantages. First of all, CSV files can be a bit cumbersome to use, especially if you want to perform a search. Second, the time it takes to get Reddit work done can be inconvenient for many. Even so, this process has the great virtue of being very easy to complete and, therefore, for most this is the best way to get the information. An Additional Option If you prefer more control over your data and don’t want to rely on Reddit, Brownman himself has developed a tool that allows you to download your posts directly. This tool is available on his website and allows you to generate an HTML file containing all your posts, comments and votes in an easy to navigate and search format. >

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