The trailer for “El rey, Vicente Fernández” was revealed, the singer’s bioseries that will arrive on Netflix

The era of bioseries is not yet over for Netflix after launching successful titles based on the lives of famous singers such as Luis Miguel, the series Y Selena: the series. The next such production will be The king, Vicente Fernandezwhich will delve into the life and career of the iconic Mexican rancher also known as the Charro from Huentitan. After his death at the end of 2021, this proposal also allows itself to be a tribute to his long artistic career.

The official biographical story of Fernández for the small screen will arrive on September 14 in the giant’s catalog streaming. “From humble beginnings to the pinnacle of stardom. The whirlwind of the life and career of the Mexican music icon Vicente Fernandez over seven decades”, maintains the synopsis that accompanied today the revelation of the long-awaited trailer prior to its debut.

Jaime Camil stars in the biographical series “The King, Vicente Fernández”. (Netflix)

Jaime Camil (the most beautiful ugly Y Jane the Virgin) will be in charge of representing the iconic artist in the story of his life, and we can already see a bit of his interpretation to embody a character full of complexities due to his imposing popularity in Mexican lands and the relationship he had with his loved ones more nearby. From the first glance, the actor was seen wearing one of the characteristic outfits worn by the Chente in their presentations.

The king, Vicente Fernandez is a project developed jointly between Caracol Television and Netflix. It should be noted that, unlike the production launched by Televisa, the deceased artist’s family was involved in his creative process and more little-known details about his personal experiences could be included, as well as his adventures within and off stage.

The project, produced by Caracol Television and the streaming giant, will portray seven years of the life of the Charro de Huentitán.  (Netflix)
The project, produced by Caracol Television and the streaming giant, will portray seven years of the life of the Charro de Huentitán. (Netflix)

In February of this year, Camil shared in an interview with EFE how he felt about having assumed this role: “It is a project that you have to face with respect and preparation, but you cannot let the ghost of your mind remove those doubts and fears, because then you do it wrong. You have to do it with responsibility and honor, ”she indicated. “We are about to finish, the filming is going incredible and it is the series authorized by him, the story he wants to tell, so everyone is very happy”

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In that sense, the actor who will give life to Vicente Fernandez He admitted that the most difficult part of this process is not the media pressure he receives from putting himself in the shoes of a real and famous person, but the fact of controlling the same tonality to sing that he had. “I get a little dizzy after singing his songs because the vocal power that Vicente has is to be respected,” he confessed.

From next September 14, "The King, Vicente Fernández" can be seen globally.  (Netflix)
From next September 14, “The King, Vicente Fernández” can be seen globally. (Netflix)

The episodes of The king, Vicente Fernandez will be released on September 14 at Netflix.