The Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III are already receiving Android 12

Little by little more devices are updating to Android 12. Officially launched in October, the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system is now when most manufacturers have finally begun to update their devices.

Following in the footsteps of Samsung, Nokia, Asus or Xiaomi, Sony has also started updating its devices to Android 12. And unsurprisingly, the first devices from Sony In updating to Android 12 are its two flagships of 2021, that is, the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III.

Android 12 for Sony Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III

Android 12 Sony Xperia

Sony has welcomed Android 12 on its own website, where the Japanese manufacturer reviews some of the main news that will come to their devices when they update to this new version of Android.

Some of the news that users of an Xperia 1 III or Xperia 5 III will find when they update to Android 12 will be scrolling screenshots, the one hand mode, the indicators of use of the cameras and microphone, the permission of approximate location or share Wi-Fi with Nearby Share. Another exclusive function for the Xperia that comes with Android 12 is the new function called Extra Dim It allows you to set the screen to a dimmer level of brightness than the device’s lowest brightness setting.

Camera and microphone indicator

In some regions the update to the Xperia 1 III and Xperia 5 III with the build number 61.1.A.1.149. This update comes with the December security patches. If you have an Xperia you will only have to go to the device settings to check if you already have the update available to download.

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Via | XDA-Developers