The Samsung Galaxy S24 no longer has secrets: its design and features discovered in a massive leak

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Unless they come forward, which is always rumored, although without confirmation, we will not see the Samsung Galaxy S24 until February. At least officially, since leaks about Samsung’s next flagships continue. The last thing has been in relation to the standard model.

The Galaxy 24, without the surname ‘+’ (plus) and without ‘Ultra’, is the protagonist of some new renders that anticipate your design and which are also accompanied by specifications. All this based on the most accurate sources in terms of Samsung information, although without confirmation from the brand, of course.

The Samsung Galaxy S24 will opt for straight edges

From the hand of SmartPrix and Steve H. McFly, better known as OnLeaks, the first images of the Samsung Galaxy S24 have emerged. We insist that they are not official images, although they are based on many reports and with a good chance that in practice what we see from Samsung will look very similar.

Galaxy S24 screen

In first view, We appreciate that both the rear and the front remain practically identical to what has already been seen in previous generations such as Galaxy S22 or the Galaxy S23. That is, a minimalist design on the back with glass materials that allow wireless charging and a 6.1-inch AMOLED panel that extends across the entire front.

The most relevant change that can be seen in the renders is the change to some straight sides with curved corners. Of course, despite the perception of being thicker than its predecessors, SmartPrix claims that there will be no significant changes and that is bad news for the battery, as we will see below.

The Qualcomm-Exynos duo protagonist of continuous hardware

Galaxy S24 2

We know well that it is the ‘Ultra’ models that add the most innovation and improvements. Despite this, what seems to be coming in the standard ‘S24’ seems too continuous. And everything starts from a Qualcomm brain from the hand of a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 that will be presented at the end of October.

However, this could not be the processor, since SmartPrix confirms again some rumors that already pointed out that Samsung will once again offer its own processors in the European versions and other territories. Thus, if we buy it in Spain, it is likely that we will find a Exynos 2400 which, like Qualcomm’s, has not yet been presented.

Except for surprise, no major changes in battery and camera are expected in the standard model of the Galaxy S24

Where it seems that we will not see changes is in the 50+12+10 megapixel triple rear camera setup, acting respectively as the main, wide-angle and telephoto sensors. Not even the 3x optical zoom will change in the case of telephoto.

Galaxy S24 3

Going back to the fact that the thickness does not seem to be increasing, we would once again find a battery between 3,900 and 4,000 mAh (the Galaxy S23 has 3,900 mAh). The question that TechSmart does not reveal is whether there will be increases in fast charging or not, something that has been rumored for the Galaxy S24 Ultra, although not so much for this standard version in which Samsung continued to bet on 25 W in recent times. generations.

In any case, we emphasize once again that not all the fish have been sold yet. Not at all. It is likely that in these coming months we will see more leaks of this Galaxy S24 along with the Galaxy S24+ and Galaxy S24 Ultra. And all to end in a hypothetical Unpacked for the month of February in which, now officially, we know all the secrets of this long-awaited smartphone.

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