The Pixel 8 leaks again before its presentation: everything that has been revealed about its incredible processor

Google's new processor improves its cooling

The new processor that the Google Pixel 8 will have when they arrive in Spain will be even more powerful and will fix one of the weak points of its predecessor.

There is less than a month left until the presentation of the Google Pixel 8, the new generation of Google devices, which continues to focus on using its own processors in these devices. In these new mobile phones from the American company, the person in charge of moving everything will be the Google Tensor G3.

Thanks to having their own processors, Google phones have some intelligent functions that other brands cannot boastbut it is also true that they have some weak points compared to the best Qualcomm processors.

However, it seems that Google Some sections have been considerably improved. facing this new generation, among them, its cooling system. Of course, everything indicates that their prices in Spain, which have already been leaked, will suffer an increase, reaching over 1,000 euros.

It seems that Google has carried out a redesign of its processor. This one has a nine-core configuration, four of which are Cortex-A715, another four Cortex-A510 and one Cortex-X3. This would imply a slight increase in performance compared to the last generation that would make the raw performance better.

The processor will be accompanied by a Arm Immortalis G715 GPU ten-core that also promises better results in the graphical power necessary to run heavier games, as stated Android Authority.

Its cooling improves thanks to the use of technology Fan-out Wafer-level Packagingwhich Qualcomm and MediaTek have been using for years and which will prevent Google’s processor from overheating. This is great news, since Too high temperatures can damage components. internals of the mobile phone, shortening its useful life.

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Both this generation of processors and the next will be manufactured by Samsung, but Google has an agreement with TSMC of which we will see the results in 2025. This is the same company that manufactures chips for Apple and many other brands, so the results can be very good. For now, we just have to wait for the presentation of the Google Pixel 8 to see the improvements they bring.