The simple action that improves Google Maps: more precise location and you will never get lost

Google Maps can be recalibrated to more accurately display location and orientation when navigation is being used.

Google was born as a company focused on searches and little by little it has evolved by creating an application and service system that has become essential for many. Applications like Google Photos, Gmail or Calendar are part of many users’ daily lives.

But if there is an application that has improved and expanded its initial use, it is Google Maps. The app, which It was born as an online map and then evolved into a real-time navigation system Now it is capable of showing us the places that are in practically the entire world, allowing us to see recommendations, give our opinion on places and places, etc.

All of this is based on the premise that knows at all times where the user is and in what direction they are moving. That is why it is important to calibrate the application in case it starts to fail, either due to position or orientation.

The location within the application is symbolized with a blue dot, which opens a menu if pressed, although for this tutorial it is not necessary. Next to the dot there is a slightly lighter blue halo that is smaller the more precise the location. If the point does not appear, or appears gray, the application must be recalibrated.

To do this you have to open the section Settings from the mobile and look for the section Location. There you will check that it is active and you will enter the Maps section. In that section you have to enter the Permissions and check that Location is active with the option Always Allow.

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Location permissions on Android

Another option is calibrate the device with Live View. What this function does is activate the mobile camera so that we show one of the facades of the street it is on. This way the smartphone will know which direction it is pointing and will be able to configure the compass correctly.