The phones of Pedro Sánchez and other members of the Spanish government were infected with Pegasus

telefonos de pedro sanchez y gobierno espanol infectados con pegasus 1000x600.jpg
telefonos de pedro sanchez y gobierno espanol infectados con pegasus 1000x600.jpg

Just a few days ago we talked about the impact that Pegasus spy software had had within the political environment of some parties in Catalonia, but it seems that the extension of this spyware has reached the highest level of our government. And it is that the government itself has reported this Monday that the telephone numbers of President Pedro Sánchez, as well as Defense Minister Margarita Roblesthey would have also been infected with the program.

In the urgent press conference held this morning, Minister Félix Bolaños stated that the interventions with Pegasus on the phones of the president and the minister have been illegal and externalso a large amount of sensitive information could have been accessed.

Thus, regarding whether this vulnerability could be related to the context of the use of the software in Catalonia, the government representative has assured that the intervention of both telephones has been carried out from a foreign country, without specifying any details in this regard. «We are absolutely sure that it is an external attack […] In a democracy like ours, all interventions are carried out by official bodies and with judicial authorization.“said the minister.

However, although the exact depth of this vulnerability has not been disclosedas explained by Bolaños, the telephone numbers of Sánchez and Robles would have been infected with Pegasus in the middle of last year. However, it seems that there is no evidence of any intrusion into the Sánchez and Robles terminals since May and June 2021.

On the other hand, the possibility that more Government mobile phones have been intervened is not ruled out, currently carrying out a verification process within the entire Government group.

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