The function that more and more mobile phones have and that you may not know about: this is how you can have it with this application

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Expandable folders allow you to have more icons in any space on the home screen, so you can make the most of them.

One of the greatest advantages of Android phones is their great capabilities in terms of customization. In Spain, many users take advantage of this to get the most out of their devices, either by having a better organized home screen or even changing the device theme with the intention of saving battery.

More and more manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Honor, OPPO or vivo are including in their customization layers the possibility of expanding the folders on the main screen. This does that become widgets that save space At the same time, they allow you to access any application in the folder by simply touching the icon.

This is a very useful addition, since it allows you to display more applications in the same space on the main screen. Luckily, this possibility is not only limited to these brands, since There are third-party applications capable of performing the same function.

How to have expandable folders

Some companies are betting on introducing this possibility in the launcher default that they include with their devices. In brands like Xiaomi, vivo and OPPO, just create a folder on the desktop and long press on it to edit it and activate this function. This will to create a widget with measurements of two icons high and two icons widebut in which up to nine applications can be placed.

However, if you are looking for a greater number of options in this regard, or if your mobile phone does not offer this option by default, you can download an application called Folder Widget. It is an application that can be downloaded for free on Google Play, but it also has a payment option to unlock some extra functions. Of course, it requires investing a little more time in its configuration, but the results can be much better.

Launcher with Folder Widget

First of all, this app allows you to control the length and width of the expanded folder, and the idea is the same: you can put more icons in the same space. The limitation here will be the size of the screen and the ease of clicking on each icon, so it is not advisable to enter too many.

You can enter any icon, changing some aspects such as its design or even whether it appears with a name or not. It is also possible to put a shortcut to any of the widgets installed on the device, so that you can save as much space as possible. The options are very wide, and it is a great tool to take advantage of all the screen space, as well as to divide application groups.

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