The trick to control all your audio devices very easily from your mobile

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With this application you can easily control all audio devices linked to your mobile phone with one press.

Mobile phones have become the center of the digital life of many Spaniards. There are multiple uses for this device, and many accessories that can be linked to it. This is done in a different way, but The Bluetooth connection has become one of the most important.

With it you can control televisions, vacuum cleaners, light bulbs but, above all, sound devices. Wireless audio has become so popular that Currently the strange thing is to already have cables connected to the mobile. You listen to audio by broadcasting sound to wireless speakers, TWS headphones, or a car.

That is why it is not always easy to know what the mobile phone is connected to, and Android does not facilitate the transition from one device to another in a simple way. For that there are applications like Bluetooth Audio Device Widget, allowing you to switch from one output device to another with just one tap on the screen.

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The fashion for Widgets passed long ago, but even today some are very practical. This is a good example. This application allows you to have direct access to each connected audio device on the desktopmaking it possible to connect to one device or another with a single press.

Besides, there is a multiple widget that encompasses different devices, which can be chosen, in case we do not want multiple widgets on the main screen. In addition, it is possible to have a specific application automatically open on each of the devices when you click on it to connect the device in question. This is very useful if, for example, you always use Spotify in the car. The same thing happens with the volume, which can be configured differently for each device.

Widget Settings

Personalization occurs through icons, being able to change between several that are in the app and among others that are in the mobile memory. Of course, the Play Store listing indicates that you can change the color of the widgets, but in our case it was not possible. What does work is the adaptation to the color of the Material You interface, so they always match the aesthetics of the terminal. This is even better than changing the color manually because it is done automatically every time you change the design on the mobile itself.

You can also monitor the battery level of the devices in case it applies, for example in headphones. Even in some models, such as Apple Airpods, Google Buds and Galaxy Buds, you can see the battery level of each of the elements separately.

Widget Settings

This application can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store although it has a paid version. The difference is that the free version has a small advertisement in the settings and shows a full screen ad when you are going to put a Widget on the desktop. Obviously it is something completely acceptable and the developer himself indicates that the payment is more to thank for the creation of the app than for anything else.

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