Office 2024 is a reality: it will soon be possible to buy it without depending on a subscription

office 2024 is a reality it will soon be possible.jpg
office 2024 is a reality it will soon be possible.jpg

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Although Microsoft is focused on cloud services, subscriptions and the 365 environment, the company does not forget those who seek a more traditional approach to its programs. Due to this they announced a few hours ago that Office 2024 will arrive definitively in a standalone version at an undetermined time at the end of this year.

In another time that seems very distant, we accessed our favorite programs in a different way. We made a payment and bought them to use them without limits. They were even sold in physical boxes and we found them in stores. A lot has happened since then, but Microsoft is aware that some things are still necessary. And although they do not plan to launch it in its box, it has been confirmed that Office 2024 will have independent version.

A single payment for your computer

This classic philosophy will be respected in the independent launch of Office 2024 that occurs before the end of this year. This has been confirmed by Microsoft itself, which mentions in the publication that they have made the classic model will be maintained purchase per device. That is, the computer where you buy this version of Office will be where you can use it. In addition, it will be available on both Windows and Mac.

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There are two positive things about this release. The first of them is that it has been confirmed that Microsoft will provide five-year support for those who get the software. It will be more than enough, possibly, to keep you up to date until the next version of Office is released. The second lies in the price, since they have mentioned that They have no intention of increasing it. Therefore, the current cost of the last version released will be the same as the next one.

What will it include?

Using Office 2024 in its standalone version will not be the same as taking advantage of the online version of Office that is included in Microsoft 365. This must be taken into account for both good and bad. There will be some features that will not be included, as is the case with everything related to artificial intelligence that Copilot offers. However, we wouldn’t be surprised if there are some users who would even prefer AI features not be involved. In addition to this, Microsoft Teams will not be included, nor will any type of cloud storage be included, nor will features that depend on this connectivity be available.

A professional works using Office tools

But, at the end of the day, it is logical. The standalone version of Office 2024 is designed for, among other things, those cases in which we don’t want to depend on the connection to Internet. We have the program fully installed on the computer and we use it as we want, without further ado.

The good news is that Microsoft will improve the different programs included within Office 2024 so that they incorporate all (or almost all) of the new features that they have received over the years. Do not forget that the last independent edition of the software that was released was Microsoft Office Home & Student 2021, so a long period of time has passed. In recent years, improvements and additional functions have been added to practically the entire family of Office tools, with special changes having been noticed, especially in Excel.

Different versions of Office that are available

In contrast to this, connectivity with the Office applications available for mobile devices will also not be offered and it is possible that other features of the same style will also be left out. But, apart from that, it will be an independent version that will provide good performance to those who prefer keep control of your programs inside the computer without depending on the network. With a price of 150 euros, users will have to think about whether they opt for this version or if they make the definitive leap to Microsoft 365. Both services, although they integrate the same tools, are radically different. The annual subscription, for example, allows several users to share the platform, while with the independent version you are limited to a single computer.

In any case, it is positive to see that Microsoft does not forget those who prefer this more classic option. And the best of all is that they have said that Office 2024 will not be the last version that they will release software with these features, so the definitive jump to the cloud is still far away.

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