The controller that takes advantage of the latest technology for your games: we tested the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro



Nacon has launched a gaming controller that allows a wide variety of modifications, both hardware and software.


Finding the perfect controller for our games can be as difficult as finding pants in our size and that fit well; the new Nacon Revolution 5 Pro, priced at 229.90 eurosaims to be the solution, mixing quality components with a great capacity for customization.

Originally, the controller that came with the console was the best option, sometimes the only one, to enjoy our games; Although there has always been a third-party aftermarket, they were always considered the cheap and least desirable option. With few exceptions, you were better off with official command.

In other words, you had to adapt to official command, or you were going to have a bad time. It didn’t matter if it was too small for your hands, that it wasn’t ergonomic, or that it didn’t have the functions you needed. Fortunately, the market has evolved a lot since then, and today, the situation is the opposite; controllers created by third parties are usually better than those that come by default with the console.

High quality

The Revolution 5 Pro launched by Nacon this year is a good example of how much the market has advanced. This peripheral has been designed to offer the best experience, regardless of the type of player we are and what our tastes are; The amount of things we can change is overwhelming, and in fact, it may be too much for the casual player. The word ‘casual’ is the last thing I think of when using this controller. From the design to the integrated functions the word ‘hardcore’ oozes.

In fact, I have thought that even before I had the controller in my hands. As soon as you open the box, you don’t find the device, but a great carrying case which allows you to take not only the controller itself, but also all the accessories it comes with, anywhere; and bring a few. When you finally take control, you realize the high quality of manufacturing and the materials chosen. It’s a device that feels very solid, something that will be more surprising when we reveal everything we can change in it.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro comes very complete with accessories

Let’s start with the most basic of a controller, the controls. Nacon has jumped on the bandwagon Hall effect levers, a relatively recent technology that solves one of the big problems that controls suffer after a period of use: the so-called ‘drift’, when the control sends movement signals that we have not made. It is a rather annoying failure that has appeared in official Sony and Nintendo controllers, so this Nacon model is already more recommended just for that reason.

The feel of the buttons is also very good, with just the reaction you’d expect; The top buttons make a very satisfying ‘click’ and the analogue triggers offer good position control. Another aspect that differentiates this command from other officers is the grip.

The Nacon Revolution 5 Pro levers use Hall effect technology

Almost half of the surface of the controller is covered in rubber, which prevents unnecessary slipping even if our hands get sweaty. A curious detail regarding ergonomics is that, although this control is certified for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and has Sony logos and buttons, the position of the levers is that of the Xbox controller and cannot be changed. This will appeal to many players, but perhaps not to others and is something to keep in mind before taking the leap.

Continuing with the controls, here we have many more buttons than are available on an official controller. In addition to the classic PlayStation face buttons, the shoulder buttons and the triggers, we have four additional buttons on the back of the controller, two on the back cover and two others integrated into the handles. Although the latter are perhaps too easy to press if we are not careful, they are welcome additions to create our own configurations adapted to our games. Another appreciated detail is that we can vary the length of the triggers, to make the travel shorter; In certain games, that may be preferable. However, here I miss the possibility of converting the triggers into conventional buttons as other brands’ controls allow.

The back of the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is full of buttons

Therefore, just by taking it out of the case the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is already superior to the official controllers and would be highly recommended, even if we are not interested in anything more than a controller compatible with PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC with levers with Hall effect. But that’s not all this controller offers.

Great customization

This controller offers a large number of customization options, starting with something as simple as connectivity. In addition to the USB-C cable to connect the controller directly by cable to the console or PC, we have a low latency wireless receiver; So far, nothing surprising but it has already become the industry standard. The truly interesting thing comes in a little box, which looks like a toolbox but includes a large number of accessories and elements that we can exchange.

For example, we can change the heads of the joysticks, with three options: one concave design and two convex designs are included. Changing the heads is as easy as pulling them and placing them in the gap left; and that also implies that we can use a different head for the left lever and another for the right leverfor example, to have different sensations for moving the character and for moving the camera.

This little box includes everything necessary to modify the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro to our liking.

The direction crosshair can also be changed. By default, a designed by professional player Mister Crimson, with a very striking design and a feel that will probably be superior in fighting games like Street Fighter 6; although we also have the option of a traditional crosshead.

The other vital aspect that we can modify to our liking is weight. By default, the Revolution 5 Pro already weighs more than other controllers, something that gives a feeling of quality, but if we prefer we can open the handles and put weights of 10, 14 or 16 grams to get the exact level for our long gaming sessions.

Modifying the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is a simple process that requires no tools

Although the customization of the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is far superior to that of most current controllers, it is not the best we have seen. Perhaps more options are missing to change the controls to our liking. For example, we cannot vary the length of the levers, and the casing cannot be removed beyond the grip covers to attach the weights; although thanks to that, the command gives a more robust and solid feel in the hand.

But the customization offered by Nacon goes beyond hardware; It also extends to software. By connecting the Revolution 5 Pro to a computer, we can install the official program and change virtually every aspect of the controller. We can even vary the response of the levers and triggers, defining the ‘dead zone’ in which they will not react to our movements.

Nacon software allows you to change all aspects of your controller

We can also map the buttons to perform certain actions or to adapt them to the configuration of each game. A curious ‘gaming’ detail is that this controller has integrated RGB lighting, although strangely only around the right stick; At the very least, we can use various effects and choose the exact colors we want in each quadrant.

I buy it?

Nacon has managed to create one of the most advanced controls on the market, and especially, one of the best quality. In fact, when I pick up the rest of the controls I have at home now they give me the feeling of being ‘cheap’, even though they are not. The Hall effect on the levers and customization options are compelling reasons to opt for this model.

If I had to say something bad about the Revolution 5 Pro, it is that it has no defects, but it does have some shortcomings; We have already commented on some in terms of customization, but if we use a PlayStation 5 it may bother us more that it does not have the haptic sensation that this console allows and that it only has vibration for PlayStation 4 and PC (even if it is of quality like the rest of the command).

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro

The Revolution 5 Pro does not lack alternatives, yes. The market has expanded greatly in recent years, although Nacon’s commitment stands out. One of the most obvious alternatives is the Razer Wolverine V2 Pro, which although more expensive, is also more complete. The SCUF Instinct Pro, although it is based on the Xbox controller, is better if we are looking for greater hardware customization.

All in all, the Nacon Revolution 5 Pro is a highly recommended controller for PlayStation or PC due to its manufacturing quality and the options it offers. It is now available in Spain, for a price of 229.90 euros.

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