Save space with the new Windows 11 update: you can delete up to five pre-installed applications

save space with the new windows 11 update you can.png
save space with the new windows 11 update you can.png

Microsoft will grant one of the most requested requests by Windows 11 users in recent years: power delete applications built into the system. It is a method that will be launched with the arrival of a new update that will significantly improve the user experience. We invite you to continue reading to see which applications you can delete from now on in a very simple way.

In August 2021, the preview version of Windows 11 was released, but it was not until October of that same year when Microsoft officially launched its product. Since then, updates have been announced to gradually enrich the stability of its operating system through the adaptation and compatibility of all programs.

In this way, the North American company has evolved to become a more flexible companydelivered to its users and, therefore, wanted to reward the community by giving them permission to remove up to five tools of your operating system that are preinstalled by default. All of this will be carried out through a new update that also brings with it other improvements that we detail below.

The new Windows 11 update

Sometimes, on our smartphone or computer we see applications that we consider unnecessary and we want to uninstall all of them at all costs because they take up space on our hard drive. Currently, there are mobile brands that already allow you to delete applications from the system that we do not use. For this reason, Microsoft has launched an update to delete system applications built into the Windows 11 inbox. This means that you can delete up to five tools that until now were not allowed in the eleventh version of the operating system, a function that Windows 10 does integrate.

To do this, the technology giant has given Insider developers pre-build 23585 for Windows 11, with which they can modify the files and be able to uninstall up to five applications: Camera, Cortana, Photos app, People app, and Remote Desktop Client (MSTSC). In this case, you will have that possibility if you consider it necessary in order to save space in your computer’s storage.

To delete these programs, you will simply have to click on start, right-click on the application and select uninstall. This action will make it easier for you to obtain a more personalized experience.

Windows 11 uninstall apps

Finally, this update also integrates the improvement of the cutting toolwhich implements support for displays with HDR technology.

A highly requested request

The ability to delete system applications is one of the most requested requests by the user community. They are applications that can be dispensed with in order to get a cleaner system and more powerful performanceor simply for those who want to get a more minimalist operating system.

In short, having complete autonomy and control over the interface and applications of Windows 11 was one of Microsoft’s pending tasks that it will implement soon and that will satisfy a large number of users.

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