Samsung presents the most elegant Galaxy Z Fold 5, and you may not be able to buy it in Spain

As usual, Samsung has launched a new version of its largest folding mobile phone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 , which was presented in July. This is the Thom Browne Edition, which Samsung launches on some products in collaboration with the fashion brand.

It is a pack that not only includes a special model of Samsung’s most expensive device, but also some accessories. These also include the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 6  also themed and an S-Pen accompanied by a case to store it comfortably.

The retail price has not yet been confirmed, but it is expected to far exceed the 1,909 euros that the conventional model costs. Another thing that is not clear is its availability, since, for the moment, the company has not confirmed the countries to which it will arrive, so it is not clear if it can be purchased in Spain.

As far as the device itself is concerned, this vision is characterized by having a rear part with three colors: white, red and blue . The first is the background color, while the other two are present in the form of vertical stripes. A change from the previous version, which did not have this finish.

This special edition also includes the company’s new smart watch, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. This is also themed with a strap that sports the same colors , although one that is completely black is also included so that it can be alternated.

In addition to the mobile phone, two covers are added, one similar to leather and another smoother, both with a small trim as a detail. Added to all this is an S-Pen, which is compatible with the device , as well as a case to store and transport this touch pen.

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One of the most striking things is the box in which this entire pack comes, since this is a large briefcase and whose aesthetics follow the same lines as the accessories included inside. It will go on sale in limited units on September 12.