RTX 4090: overclockers push the GPU up to 3.8 GHz, the 4 GHz mark is very close


Team OGS overclockers managed to push the RTX 4090 up to a clock of 3.825 GHz. According to the experts, this is just the beginning.

A Galax RTX 4090 with liquid nitrogen cooling / Credit: Galax

Every day, overclockers confirm it: the Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 is a monstrous graphics card. Both in terms of performance and price, everything is XXL in this GPU. As if that weren’t enough, Team OGS has been on top since the release of the map. push her to the maximum of her abilities.

The geeks of Team OGS are looking to cross the symbolic 4 GHz bar with the latest graphics card from Nvidia. To do this, they used a Hall Of Fame Galax RTX 4090, a somewhat mythical graphics card designed for overclockers. It would have two 16-pin adapters and would consume between 1000 and 1200 W. Equipped in this way, Team OGS claims to have broken new overclocking records, while according to the Chinese site BenchLife, this model of RTX 4090 already claims 20 overclocking world records on various performance tests.

The Galax RTX 4090 HOF can run at 3.825 GHz compared to 2.52 GHz for the RTX 4090 Founder Edition

According to Wccftech, it took a healthy dose of liquid nitrogen, a custom BIOS, and a lot of Team OGS know-how to push the RTX 4090 up to 3.825 GHz. A performance that is not within the reach of the first handymen, especially since they still have broke over 14 other records in benchmarks such as 3DMark Port Royal or GPUPI 3.3.

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According to the experts, Team OGS’s overclocking experiments are just the beginning. We really wouldn’t be far to pass the 4 GHz bar. A very distant and theoretical threshold for ordinary gamers. No mention of the price of the Galax RTX 4090 HOF is made anywhere. The Hong Kong company only seems to dedicate it to a small community of overclocking enthusiasts. That said, getting a “simple” RTX 4080, without even considering an RTX 4090, is currently a challenge. When not out of stock, these cards snap up in moments and cannot be exchanged for less than 1460 €.

Source : Wccftech

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