New Meme Coin Surges Amid 4CHAN and Reddit Crypto Dumps

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4chan price.jpg

The crypto market continues to provide continuous investment opportunities for all kinds of cryptocurrencies. Despite the bearish market wave and SEC regulations, the market remains resilient and continues to dish out beneficial gains to loyal investors and traders.

Fascinatingly, many crypto experts and analysts point to a new bullish season, stirring many to purchase the best and most viable cryptos in the market.

Sadly, not all cryptos are actively benefiting crypto investors. Such is the case with 4CHAN and supported cryptos on Reddit.

4CHAN had an impressive start in the crypto market, making many consider its investment opportunities.

However, with no beneficial use case in sight, this coin has dumped massively by 40% after reaching an All-Time High of $0.0000000000003435. Also, many Reddit cryptos share a similar fate to 4CHAN, causing fear and uncertainty among investors. 

Despite these setbacks, investors remain optimistic in the crypto market as they set out to back a new and feature-rich project, ready to provide massive investment returns. Read on to learn more about this new crypto – Wall Street Memes. 

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Wall Street Memes: The Next Big Meme Platform?

Despite the fall of 4CHAN and Reddit cryptos, many investors are scouting out prospective cryptos that will make a difference in their portfolios. Perhaps you are on for the next crypto that will offer true financial freedom.

There is no need to search further, as Wall Street Memes is here to disrupt the traditional financial market while promoting financial independence.

As a self-acclaimed “King of Memes,” Wall Street Memes has outshined several meme coins in its class. You may think this is just another meme coin that will pump for a brief moment and come crashing.

That is not the case with Wall Street Memes. Without further ado, let’s consider four significant highlights of this meme project and why you should have it in your digital portfolio.

wall street memes

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Wall Street Memes Team Has an Impressive Track Record

Every crypto trader is attracted to projects that have verified teams and developers. In the case of Wall Street Memes, its team is not having its first rodeo in the crypto market.

If you can recall the GameStop saga, this enthusiastic group sparked a revolution in the stock market, rippling through other markets on Wall Street.

That impressive feat started their path to fame and recognition in the traditional Wall Street and the Reddit community, where they thrived. Is there another proven track record? Yes, there is.

During the NFT rave, this team released an NFT collection called Wall St NFTs. This collection was reportedly sold out in 32 minutes, raising over $2.5 million worth of ETH.

These past successes strongly indicate that this team performs excellently in penetrating the crypto market and delivering impressive gains to traders and crypto fans who invest in them.   

Apart from its proven track record, Wall Street Memes has something spectacular which is uncommon among many meme projects surfacing today. Wall Street Memes has a strong online community actively ready to promote its native token and its platform.

Over 1 million users across social media platforms are actively engaging in Wall Street Memes and participating in presale events and airdrops. Many Wall Street Memes’ followers came from Reddit and were involved in the GameStop Squeeze and Wall St Bulls NFT collections.

Thus, with this online communal support, Wall Street Memes is capable of topping the charts once it is launched in the market and releases its utilities for everyone.

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 Wall Street Memes Intriguing Tokenomics

The success of a crypto project depends on its tokenomics. Powering the Wall Street Memes ecosystem is its native token, $WSM.

There are just 2 billion WSM tokens in the ecosystem which have been allocated as follows: 50% for its presale event, 30% as community rewards, and 10% each for CEX and DEX liquidity.

These tokens are the driving tools to succeed in the Wall Street Memes ecosystem. Holding these tokens has many benefits, which the team is eager to share once it launches on top-tier exchanges.

So it is important to stack your digital bags with WSM tokens. But how can you do that? The next highlight will provide the answer.   

Wall Street Memes Is Running A Successful 30-Staged Presale Event

Remember the 50% allocation of the WSM tokens? Wall Street Memes has kickstarted its presale event, gaining traders’ and investors’ attention. While Wall Street Memes is already a strong brand, thanks to its past success and massive online community, this presale is beneficial.

This presale event provides the necessary funds to ensure the project is visible everywhere. Even more beneficial is that investing in WSM tokens now assures you of massive gains in the future.

The presale event is split into 30 stages, each with a price increase. Interestingly, this presale event is underway to record success, as it has raised over $10 million.

There is no reason to doubt that Wall Street Memes is on a bullish path to success. The question remains, are you ready to join the bullish ride to financial freedom?

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Final Thoughts: Buy Wall Street Memes Now and Enjoy Impressive Gains

The crypto market continues to release new crypto projects worth checking out to enjoy vital gains.

While once-promising coins like 4CHAN and Reddit cryptos are dipping in price, investors maintain a positive outlook on the market, confident they will record massive profits soon.

That is why they rally behind Wall Street Memes, a meme project with a proven track record and a massive social media presence. Thus, this meme project provides the fun and the best investment opportunities that will provide massive gains to all its investors.

Consequently, do yourself a favor by visiting its official website and purchasing WSM tokens via ETH or USDT. Doing this ensures you get the best gains before and during the eagerly anticipated bull run.

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