MinisForum HN2673, exclusive Mini PC with Intel Arc A730M graphics

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minisforum hn2673.jpg

He MinisForum HN2673 appears as the first Mini PC equipped with the GPU Intel Arc A730M. A device that avoids the usual graphic options amd and NVIDIA to leave everything in the hands of the technology of the Mountain View.

MinisForum HN2673, a complete productivity solution

The specialists MinisForum announces the incorporation of its new Mini-PCwith reference HN2673, to the company’s extensive catalogue. A proposal with avant-garde architecture 100% Intel.

Product characteristics

As I have told you, this is the first Mini PC brand equipped with a graphics card Intel Arc Alchemist. He Minisforum HN2673 It is a little larger than usual because it accommodates a hardware which is not typical. The manufacturer has designed it for a vertical arrangement. The configuration includes a CPU of portable equipment, Intel Core i7-12650H with 10 cores: 6 P-Core that reach the 4.70GHz; and 4 E-Core up to 3.50GHz.

MinisForum HN2673

MinisForum HN2673

Obviously, the differential element of the device is the graphics card Arc A730Min module format MXM. THE GPU has 24 Xe Cores; It has a clock speed of 1.10GHz; interface 192 bits; 336GB/s of bandwidth; and 6GB memory GDDR6.

More details of the mini computer

This equipment has a superior cooling system, made up of a large aluminum radiatorseveral heat pipes coppermade and four fans. Furthermore, the system uses modules DDR4 in a dual-channel configuration, with possibilities ranging from 16 to 64 GB of RAM.

MinisForum HN2673

A mini PC with dedicated Intel graphics

On the storage side, its chassis can accommodate a portable hard drive of 2.5 inches next to a NVMe M.2 SSD with a capacity of up to 2 TB. Finally, connectivity is covered with a port 2.5 Gbps Ethernet; three USB 3.2 Type A; two USB 2.0; a port USB 3.1 Type C; taking of headphones and microphone. In addition, it has four video outputs: two HDMI 2.0 and two USB-C. He HN2673 has a starting price of $649 with the base configuration of 16 GB memory RAM and a SSD of 512GB capacity.

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