Ibai Llanos’ new PC is crazy at 30,000 euros

el nuevo pc de ibai llanos es una toda una locura de 30.000 euros.jpg
el nuevo pc de ibai llanos es una toda una locura de 30.000 euros.jpg

The popular Bilbao streamer Ibai Llanos has released his new PC, and it is a pass valued at 30,000 euros which is permanently submerged in coolant. This computer is a completely personalized and custom-created work of technological art, and its author is fellow YouTuber Nate Gentile and his team, who took 8 months to design and assemble this monstrosity of a computer for Ibai Llanos.

Ibai Llanos’ new PC is submerged in cooling liquid

As you can imagine, this great piece of equipment has the best components that money can buy, starting with a Intel Core i9-13900KS CPU accompanied by a graph RTX 4090 Asus Rog brand, as well as by 64GB DDR5 RAM and 4TB of SSD storage, all connected via a motherboard Asus Maximos Hero z790.

However, what makes this PC truly special and that took up all that time of work, is the refrigeration system.

Going into details, the case is actually a polycarbonate tank specially designed for the occasion and inside it houses coolant liquid with almost all components submerged in it, allowing the CPU and GPU to maintain more than optimal temperatures even under maximum load. As if that were not enough, the exterior is metallic and in its entirety (counting the liquid and components) it weighs about 70kg.

Ibai Llanos' new PC is completely immersed in cooling liquid

We all know that mixing water with electrical components is not a good idea, and even the equipment that brands advertise with liquid cooling limit this aspect to loops for specific components such as the CPU. You rarely see equipment completely immersed in coolant beyond industrial solutions and servers, but Nate Gentile has made that possible in a home PC made for Ibai.

With that in mind, the key to the matter was the choice of coolant, which is a dielectric liquid that does not interfere with the operation of electronic components or significantly degrade them. To be precise, the coolant is called EC-100 and is produced by Engineered Fluids for pressure compensation, lubrication and power transfer in aquatic applications.

Now, what will the king streamer in Spain do with this impressive computer? Well in his own words “Play LOL and Minecraft.”

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