Microsoft launches first professional certificate in generative AI skills

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Microsoft has introduced a new type of training and certification to its offering that takes advantage of the growing interest and excitement around artificial intelligence (AI). As part of the company’s “Skills for Employment” program, a new professional certificate in generative AI will be awarded to anyone who takes the free AI courses and passes the required exam.

The “Career Essentials in Generative AI” initiative, available through LinkedIn Learning, offers a free course on Generative AI, a technology so named because it can generate different types of content. This form of AI has generated quite a stir as companies like OpenAI, Microsoft, and Google have launched their own AI chatbots that people can use to ask questions, get information, and create content.

The need to understand and use AI

With its growing popularity, AI is being introduced to more products, services, and organizations. This change means more workers will need to understand how to use AI, a reality that led Microsoft to come up with this new certificate.

In an article posted on LinkedIn, Kate Behncken, Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Philanthropies, called this initiative the first professional certificate in generative AI. Over the course of five classes, people will start by learning the basics of AI and then move on to AI frameworks. Passing the assessment will earn you the “Career Essentials” certificate.

Course content

The course consists of the following sessions:

1. What is generative AI?

Learn about the basics of generative AI, including its history, popular models, how it works, ethical implications, and much more.

2. Generative AI: The evolution of reflective online search

Explore the differences between search engines and reasoning engines, focusing on learning thoughtful search strategies in the world of generative AI.

3. Streamline your work with Microsoft Bing Chat

Learn how to take advantage of Microsoft Bing Chat to streamline and automate your work.

4. Ethics in the age of generative AI

Find out why ethical considerations are a critical part of the generative AI creation and implementation process, and explore ways to address these ethical challenges.

5. Introduction to artificial intelligence

Get a simplified description of the main tools in artificial intelligence.

More languages ​​and free access

The certificate is currently offered in English, but will be available in Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese in the coming months. Following Microsoft’s other six “Career Essentials” professional certificates in the “Skills for Employment” program, AI classes will be unlocked and free through 2025.

In addition to certificate-based training in AI, Behncken mentioned that Microsoft will be releasing a tool for teachers and trainers who deliver training to different people and communities. The tool will contain downloadable content for trainers on the practical uses of AI, as well as an AI course designed for educators.

other releases

Additionally, Microsoft is launching two challenges aimed at fostering learning in AI. Starting July 17, the “Learn AI Skills” challenge is designed to teach AI skills using Microsoft products. The company will also collaborate with GitHub and on the “Generative AI Skills Grant” challenge, an open grant program aimed at nonprofits, social enterprises, and educational or research institutions focused on deploying AI for populations. historically marginalized around the world.

These efforts by Microsoft align with the findings of its recent “Work Trend Index” survey, in which 62% of respondents said they spend too much time searching for information in a typical workday. Although almost half of them expressed concern that AI could replace their jobs, 70% said they would delegate as much work as possible to AI to ease their workload.

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