Instagram adds an expected option that makes comments more attractive

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1684326413 231984 1684326489 rrss normal.jpg

The Instagram social network strives to improve user participation and creativity, or at least that’s what it tries with the updates it launches. Well, now a long-awaited feature is added that is sure to bring even more fun and expression to your users: the ability to reply to posts with GIFs. The announcement was made by none other than Adam Mosseri, the director of Instagram, during a chat with Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. It described the new option as a “long overdue feature”, acknowledging the high user demand for this capability. With the addition of GIFs in comments, Instagram users can now go beyond words and emojis to express themselves with animated images from Giphy. Interestingly, this update comes after the UK Markets and Competition Authority ordered Meta (Instagram’s parent company) to sell off Giphy last year. Other news coming to Instagram Mosseri himself also revealed that Instagram is testing another exciting feature called lyrics on Reels. This feature is based on the automatic subtitles sticker introduced by Meta in 2021 and is nothing more than the inclusion of a timeline at the bottom of the interface that allows users to precisely synchronize the subtitles -improving on this It shapes the general experience when viewing and creating this type of content on the social network. Good moves from the social network This latest addition of GIFs in comments is a sign that Instagram is actively listening to feedback from its users. They now have the newfound ability to add a touch of animated flair to their comments (which will surely encourage interaction between users and promote creativity on the platform, which could result in an even richer experience for everyone). those involved). Hopefully more updates in the future where it is shown that their demands are heard. In short, Instagram continues to evolve and adapt to the needs and desires of its users, constantly offering new and exciting features that enhance the user experience. We will be waiting for more important innovations from Instagram in the future, where it is clearly seen that Meta has an ultimate goal: that all its products offer similar basic functions, and in this way that there is a uniformity that, right now, does not exist. It’s possible to find. >

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