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Surprise: Elon Musk announces that Tesla is already preparing two new electric cars

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During the annual meeting of shareholders of TeslaCEO Elon Musk made it clear that the company works on two new electric vehicles. He even stated that Tesla is already in the process of building one of them, which means that the design and construction process is already underway. “I want to emphasize that we are actually building new products. We are not sitting idly by,” said the tycoon.

The Tesla CEO went on to say that there are two new products in development and that “both product design and manufacturing techniques are far above anything else in the industry.” So, now that he’s close to freeing himself from a lot of responsibilities at Twitter, it seems that will focus on the electric car company which Musk runs.

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A clear image, but not very revealing

As the manager spoke, a rendered image of the silhouette of one of the vehicles was displayed on the screen behind him, giving the audience a preview of one of the vehicles. Is this vehicle may be the $25,000 hatchback Musk mentioned in 2020. He said that this meeting was not the place to make a new product announcement, and that eventually there would be a proper product launch. Interestingly, onstage, Musk wasn’t clear as to what he meant by “build” the vehicle.


Tesla had previously hinted at the launch of two new models in March, showing a photo with the entire Tesla lineup. and two unrevealed car silhouettes. One of the vehicles appeared to be the size of a pickup truck and the other the size of a sedan or hatchback. Both are expected to be more affordable vehicles, selling in much higher volumes, so much so that it was reported that “Elon’s assumption is that we probably produce more than 5 million units a year of these two models combined,” he said. Musk.

There is speculation that the second vehicle Musk hinted at could be the robotaxi to which you have referred in the past. Musk was asked by an audience member about updates on the use of Tesla’s vehicles for ride-sharing, and he replied that ride-sharing “won’t really be relevant in the world of autonomous driving.”


Other Tesla news at the shareholder meeting

During Investor Day, Tesla also confirmed plans to build a gigafactory in Mexico, where many have speculated the hatchback, commonly known as the “Model 2” by Tesla fans, will be produced.

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The executive went on to say that Tesla is close to achieving full autonomous driving, something Musk has affirmed several times in recent years. During the meeting he also announced that former CTO JB Straubel to return to automaker’s board of directors and that the company aims to test some traditional advertising methods to promote new features.


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