You’re not alone: ​​Some iPhones are turning off during the night for no reason

iphone apagado pcpal.jpg
iphone apagado pcpal.jpg

Have you woken up with your iPhone asking you for your SIM PIN code for no apparent reason? We still don’t know if it is a cause for concern or not. What we do know for sure is that you are not alone: ​​Thousands of users have expressed the same complaint worldwide. The reason? At the moment, it is unknown. But we tell you how you can know if you are one of those affected.

Many users take advantage of the moment they go to sleep to charge their iPhone. Especially since Apple introduced some measures that prevented the deterioration of the batteries, as is the case of the optimized load or 80% limit which is included in the new iPhone 15.

From this fact, seemingly harmless and quite common, A large number of complaints have been raised in the last few hours. The explanation is found in the fact that many users have woken up in recent days with the strange request from the iPhone to have to re-enter the PIN code. However, it doesn’t look like a common reboot. If we access the battery data, we see how the mobile appears to have been turned off for several hours. What has happened?

Different versions of iOS affected

A priori, the most direct relationship could be established with the update 17.0.3 which solved the overheating problems that affected the latest iPhone model. However, it doesn’t seem to have anything to do with it. And, if we go to Reddit, we can see how there are a large number of users who have been affected with all types of iPhone models and versions. Some of them even without having updated to iOS 17. Therefore, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with it at the moment.

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In addition to this, the problem is not just that the iPhone has restarted. Something that could happen without major controversy when carrying out any small update that corrects a critical security problem. But, if we access the battery settings of the terminal itself, we realize what they are like. several hours the device appears to have been turned off, as can be seen in the photograph that one of the many users has published in said forum.

To check if we have been affected, we must go to the iPhone Settings application, access battery and click on the last 24 hours. There we will see all the available information from the last uploads we have made.

Waiting for official explanations

At the time of writing these lines, and although they have already passed more than 24 hours since the first user made the problem public, Apple has still not mentioned the problem. Therefore, in forums like the one mentioned previously, all kinds of theories have already begun to emerge in this regard. From the possible iOS failures that have caused this emergency solution by Apple to errors derived from the configuration of the servers in the Cupertino company.

While it is true that the problem does not seem to be more serious than what we have already mentioned, fear has set in among multiple users who have participated in the Reddit thread due to the impact it can have on daily life. As the possibility that mobile alarm does not ring at the agreed time in the morning due to the power outage.

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