How to know which applications occupy the most in Windows 11

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Microsoft has been dominating the operating system sector for years thanks to the different versions of the incombustible Windows that have been coming to the market to add new functions with which to make the most of its possibilities. And since last October we can enjoy Windows 11, the latest version of a system that does not stop growing. Reasons are not lacking for Microsoft to position itself year after year with Windows as the most used operating system worldwide. It is true that Chrome OS has won in the laptop sector, surpassing Linux, but it is still far behind the ubiquitous Windows. Also, if you know the best tricks for Windows 11 you will be able to take advantage of all the functions it offers more than ever. For example, we have already explained the steps to follow if you want to reinstall Windows 11 without losing any data. And now we are going to tell you how to know which apps or programs take up the most on your hard drive. This way you can find out which app takes up the most space on your computer There is a main reason why it can tell you which apps or programs take up the most in Windows 11. For example, you may be running out of space and you are wondering what you can uninstall to free up some of your hard drive. And seeing which applications take up the most, you can make a selection of those that don’t interest you and take up a lot of space. Also, seeing how easy the whole process is, we invite you to try this simple trick. The first thing you should do is open Windows Settings by clicking on the gear icon located in the start menu. Once inside, look for System in the left column. Within the System options, you must select the option Storage. You will see a new menu, click on Applications and features. If you have followed the steps correctly, a new menu will open in which you will see all the programs that you have installed on your computer. You can use the dropdown to change the order based on size. In the example we have made for you, Spotify is the app that is currently taking up the most space on your computer. In the event that you want to delete one of the apps from the list, all you have to do is click on the symbol of the three dots located next to each of the apps and, in the options that are displayed, click on Uninstall. Easier, impossible! >

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