How to install TDTChannels on your Fire TV Stick

how to install tdtchannels on your fire tv stick.webp.webp.webp
how to install tdtchannels on your fire tv stick.webp.webp.webp

He Fire TV Stick It is not only an essential device to give a second life to an old television or one with an operating system that can’t take it anymore, it is also a great system for create a complete alternative multimedia center to the one proposed by Amazon. And yes, this customization allows you to install applications of all kinds.

If you have Fire TV on a TV that doesn’t have access to a TV antennawe tell you how to install TDTCHannels step by step to have IPTV television lists very easily and in a few minutes.

How to install TDTChannels on Fire TV step by step

First of all, TDTChannels is an application that It is not available in the Amazon Store. Now, there is no reason to worry because we can install APK applications perfectly on the Fire TV.

This is because the core of the system is still Android and we have already told you how to install applications using APK, but as a summary:

  • We must go to the ‘Settings’ section.
  • We click on ‘My Fire TV’.
  • Next, we go to ‘About’.
  • Within that section, you have to click on ‘Fire TV Stick’ several times.
  • In this way, we open the options for developers that we found in the previous tab.
  • We go into ‘Developer options’ and activate ‘Install unknown apps’.

In this way, we allow applications to be installed from outside the Amazon store, but To download TDTChannels, what we must do is first download an application called ‘Downloader’ which we can find in the Amazon store. You have it in this link.

The next thing is, within Downloader, search for ‘TDTChannels’ in your browser. You can do it like this or directly write the download URL to get the application in APK. Is about:

Within that website, we must go to the ‘Download’ section and click on ‘Download APK from our website’. And that’s it, in this simple way, we will already have TDTChannels installed on our Fire TV Stick.

Now, we must keep in mind that the application is simply a shell. The next step is to install a playlist. This is what you will find when you open TDTChannels the first time and you must click on the ‘Playlist’ icon:

Tdt 1

Within that section, in the upper right area we have the ‘+’ icon. We must click on it:

Tdt 2

A window will appear to add a list. You can put the name you want and, in the URL section, put the one we left you above to get the list of channels:

Photo 2024 02 22 14 27 38

Once this is done, and returning to the TV tab, we now have access to the live shows from the different companies:

Photo 2024 02 22 14 27 33

We enter one of them, choose a broadcast and… watch Internet television on the Fire TV Stick.

Photo 2024 02 22 14 27 35

Do you want to add a new list or create a custom one? You can do this by going to the top bar and clicking on the down arrow. This will place the Fire TV cursor in the bottom bar to return to the Playlist tab.

Tdt 3

Be careful, this list is only for television channels. If what you are looking for are radio stations, you will have to create another list with this URL:

If you have followed all the steps, you will have successfully installed and configured TDTChannels on a Fire TV Stick. If so, enjoy it.

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