Disney+ already warns in Spain against adblockers and shared accounts: it has updated its conditions of use

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Disney+ has changed its subscription contract ahead of the arrival of the new plans, and the end of shared accounts could be near.


Last summer Disney+ announced a price increase in Spain that will be effective on November 1, and just before that happens, the company has updated its conditions in a way that will put a stop to shared accounts and that brings more important changes.

This is a strategic move by the company, which ensures that there are no contradictions when these new subscriptions are supported. In this case, some of the changes are aimed at set the record straight with ad blockers and shared accounts.

The subscription contract that the company has revealed also affects other aspects, such as the use of the platform through a VPN service, something that the company also restricts, reserving the right to even suspend the account of the user who does so.

Disney, like Netflix did at the time, is going to add a subscription with ads. So that this is not harmed by users who use some type of adblocker, it is also clarified that the user must agree not to use this software. Otherwise, it is possible that the company will suspend your account or, giving you a period of 30 days, change it to a similar modality, but that does not include advertising.

One of the most controversial developments is the end of shared accounts. In the email that Disney+ has sent to its users, it clarifies that it will not be allowed to share the account with people who live outside the home, that is, the account holder’s primary personal residence. The company clarifies that this is general, unless a specific subscription plan allows it.

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In addition to this, they reserve the right to analyze the use of the account to determine if the contract is being fulfilled, something that, coincidentally, is indicated in the section on shared accounts. Disney+ may restrict, suspend or terminate access to part or all of the catalog of the platform if it considers that the user has used the service in breach of the subscription contract.

In the rest of the sections of the contract, the platform also clarifies other aspects of the use of its service, such as that it cannot use any mechanism or technology, such as VPNs, that is capable of hiding or modifying its real geolocation.