Discover the 5 Apple Music features that will revolutionize the world this year!

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iOS 17 will be a total update that promises some interesting details, although we will have to wait until autumn to finish finding out if it even Apple Music You will also see full support for new features that will improve the use of the music app. The streaming service Apple Music looks to change a bit by being much more user friendly and much more immersive. So, so that you are fully aware of the news and changes that will come to the app with the release of iOS 17 at the end of the year, keep reading this post.

5 of the novelties that Apple Music adds with iOS 17

Collaborative Playlists

This could be one of the features that the community requested a lot at the time and that will now come to Apple Music in 2023. The collaborative playlist will give subscribers the opportunity to send invites to friends, add and edit songs within a shared playlist. There are already other streaming services like Spotify that have had this type of function for a long time. Therefore, Apple will finally be able to seize this opportunity.

Once a person adds a song to a joint playlist, that user’s profile picture will be displayed next to the playlist. The users that you invite to said list will also be able to react to your songs with an emoji.

The company reports that collaborative playlists will arrive in the end-of-year update, so it may be a feature that doesn’t rely too heavily on iOS 17 in the fall.


Another function that rival services already have is the crossfade for a long time and now it may also be available in Apple Music. So now you can play another song without the music stopping.

In case you are running the first beta version of iOS 17, you should be aware that you have to activate Crossfade from Settings, then under Music always locks the Settings app and which leaves it out of the Music settings menu. So there are still some bugs regarding this option.

SharePlay for CarPlay

The release of iOS 17 will be able to play music through CarPlay with a new option to use SharePlay so you can play from your iPhone even if it is not connected in your car.

Once you accept the notification or scan a QR code, passengers in another seat will be able to play music or add more songs to what’s already playing.

karaoke camera mount

In case you have not used Apple Music Sing before, keep in mind that it is a function that integrates lyrics from the app, as well as a lever to lower the voice of a song and have yours go up instead.

iOS 17 will also be able to project your camera while you play your favorite songs wherever you are. So Apple Music Sing will be compatible with Continuity Camera to wirelessly pair your iPhone or iPad with your computer or Apple TV 4K and function as a camera.

Interface Redesign in Apple Music

The Apple Music interface already has quality innovations in its interface and design. The music player has the opportunity to display full screen animated artwork in supported albumsso it can blend in with other media playback controls.

Also, if you minimize the music player, it will have a different depth effect that seems to fall on top of the other part of the interface even if you are browsing the same app. Finally, A.pple also easily displays lyrics for other out-of-sync songs with larger, better-readable lyrics.