Deactivate this function on your Orange deco if you are going to watch movies


If you are an Orange customer and have contracted television service, the decoder may have been installed in your home. A device to view all Orange content easily and centrally on a single device. With it you can watch all types of channels depending on the package you have contracted. In addition, its recording system allows you to record the programs or movies you like the most to watch them later. But there are a series of settings that you should know before starting to use it.

When you contract the television service, the operator will send a technician home to install and configure your new equipment. You will not have to do anything, unless you request that it be sent to you by mail, in which case, the installation will have to be done by you. But you should know that there is a function that will annoy you if you watch movies.

Initial setup

If the new Orange decoder has been sent to your home and you are going to install it on your own, the first step will be to connect the equipment to the power. Connect the charger to the back of the decoder and plug it in. To terminate the connections, you will need connect the HDMI cable to the television and the network cable to the router. Now your decoder is ready to begin configuration.

When you turn on the television and select the HDMI to which you have connected the decoder, you will see the Orange TV loading screen. You will have to take into account that, if this is the first time that the decoder is connected, it will check for the latest update and it will download it and then install it. This process will take several minutes.

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Once the update is installed, the first step to configure the device will be pair the Bluetooth controller with the decoder. To do this you will only have to hold down the “Home” and “Back” buttons simultaneously until the loading circle is completed on your TV screen.

orange tv

Now that the controller is linked, you will only have to follow the steps that appear on the screen, such as creating codes, entering access credentials, or choosing the time zone. After completing these steps, which will take no more than 5 minutes, a welcome screen will appear to start the decoder and start watching all the content.

orange tv

Turn this off if you’re going to watch movies.

There is an option that is not taken into account when setting up the decoder and can be annoying on some occasions. Its about Standby. A function of the decoder that makes it turn off if it does not detect movement on the remote control after a certain time and that will allow it to turn off automatically if we fall asleep or simply if we have forgotten the TV on when we leave home.

But it doesn’t just have advantages. Imagine that you are having an afternoon at the movies and you are calmly watching a movie when, without warning, your decoder turns off and interrupts the scene. To prevent this from happening you will only have to deactivate the Standby function from the settings menu or the energy saving function that we find in the device configuration and that will make it turn off on its own after a while.

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To do this, you will only have to access the settings by pressing the gear icon located at the top right of the screen. Once inside, search and select device preferences, then you will see a new screen where you must select the “Standby” or “Sleep mode” option. This option will be activated by default and you can modify it by selecting the hours at which you want the device to go to sleep if it does not detect activity, or you can simply deactivate it and the decoder will not turn off unexpectedly again.

If you are sure that you are not going to leave it on or you do not usually fall asleep in front of the television, deactivating the automatic shutdown will be something convenient that will prevent your movie session from being interrupted. And if you regret it, just follow the same steps to modify the Orange deco settings and reactivate sleep mode.