Chuwi LarkBox X 2023, cheaper version with Intel processor

chuwei larkbox x.jpg
chuwei larkbox x.jpg

The current situation of the so-called mini-PC’s Perhaps it does not allow them to go through their moment of greatest popularity in the market, but this does not mean that some have given up launching new models in their catalog. For example, him Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 arrives from China like an old acquaintance but with a excellent price-performance ratio.

The new one Larkbox It is basically a reversal of the small computer that was a success in recent months through renowned Asian stores, but this time it changes some key components of its hardware such as an Intel Core N100 processor and RAM that amounts to 12 GB. Do you want to know more about the new features of this model?

The little computer that you already knew

Chuwi Larkbox X 2023

Chuwi Larkbox X 2023 stands out for its multiple connections

With the exception of some modifications to its technical specifications that we will detail below, rest assured that the 2023 version of Larbox reducing its costs to the point of reaching a price of only $199.

In this way, the Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 has an elegant design that looks great at first glance, although its external ABS plastic materials help it maintain a really low weight (460 grams) so that it never loses its essence of portability. The official figures of the device correspond to 173 x 158 x 73 mm.

Regarding connections, in addition to support for Wi-Fi 6 networks, its physical ports have been updated with two RJ45 Ethernet inputs, one of which is upgraded to a 2.5 GHz frequency which will help you optimize overall data transfer speeds as well as reduced latency levels and superior stability when it comes to staying synchronized with your home or office network.

Main change to your processor

Larkbox X 2023

Larkbox X 2023 has DDR5 RAM and SSD storage

As we indicated initially, the Intel Alder Lake N100 low-power processor composed of a total of 4 cores and 4 threads. With a clock frequency of up to 3.40 GHz it is possible to handle the daily activities that you would perform with any computer but with reduced energy consumption.

In relation to the latter, it can be highlighted as positive that the Chuwi LarkBox X 2023 has updated its TDP (Thermal Design Power) with a 25W configuration and a design with advanced thermal management, which makes the computer much more efficient and elements such as battery benefits from greater autonomy or its internal components are capable of avoiding overheating problems.

To conclude, you will come across a RAM memory that amounts to up to 12 GB in LPDDR5 format It is above average so you can run multiple applications and perform tasks simultaneously. He is also accompanied by a Standard 512 GB PCIe SSD type internal memory.

With all this, it cannot be denied that the 2023 version of the Chuwi Larkbox price of 199 euros, which means almost half of what the predecessor model cost in its day with Ryzen 7-3700U processor. Do you really need something else for your daily tasks?

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