Maono PD200X, we tested this microphone with RGB for streaming

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maono pd200x.jpg

He Maono PD200X it’s a microphone ideal for making directand improve the quality in your content recordingswhich will delight the good ones gamers. With one more touch gaming that he PM422a model from the same manufacturer that we tested a while ago, this proposal Maono offers extra possibilities of connectivity in exchange for giving up certain accessories and accepting some technical modifications. The company has had the courtesy of giving us the peripheral so that we can discover all its details and explain our user experience. From here all the thanks to the manufacturer for renewing its confidence in the Web and give us another opportunity to test your devices.

Presentation, design and construction of the Maono PD200X microphone

He PD200X of Maono It is an interesting option if you are thinking of giving a boost to your level as digital creator. And there is nothing so essential when it comes to broadcast live either record content that a microphone. Whether your work captures the audience and you obtain the desired fruit for so much effort will largely depend on its quality. The manufacturer of this reference has put great effort into offering you a device attractive In the design, versatile in its functionality and reliable in their performance.

Maono PD200X

The Maono PD200X is a podcast and streaming microphone

Product packaging

This product comes to us in the usual quality packaging with the company’s characteristic colors. An orange box wrapped in a sash with black panels highlighting the bright image of the MAONO PD200X on the front and the details of the device are broken down, in perfect English, on the back.

Maono PD200X

The product is presented in attractive packaging

Maono PD200X

You have the technical details of the peripheral on the back of the box

Maono Along with the peripheral, they have sent us a flexible arm for desktop installation, since the microphone is supplied without any type of support. It should be noted that said accessory, whether in that format or another, which the company sells separately, seems indispensable.

Maono PD200X

As the product does not include a support, Maono has kindly sent us one of its compatible accessories that it sells separately for testing.

With regard to the article object of the post, we open the box to find a padded cradle where the elements that make up the product are collected, and very well protected in separate cubicles. On the one hand, the microphone PD200Xwith the anti-vibration mount and his foam cover already coupled; and on the other a USB connection cable; thread adapter for mount; and manualwithout section in Spanish.

Maono PD200X

The contents of the package are perfectly protected

Maono PD200X

The microphone is complemented by the user manual, USB connection cable and thread adapter

Microphone design

He PD200X It has the look you expect from a professional product. It has a continuous format and style, without distancing itself from the current trend that defines the majority of desktop microphones premium. This reference of Maono is one piece without base, with cylindrical and body of metal. Our test model is colored black although the brand also has a variant for sale in white. The peripheral has an approximate size of 15cm by 5.5cm diameter. Its weight is about 250 gramsresulting in a fairly light accessory.

Maono PD200X

A quality design made of metal

The structure of the microphone lacks a thread to attach a stand to it. And it is because Maono choose to integrate it into the mount anti-vibration, installed as standard. This plastic piece, designed to cushion interference in the device due to accidental impacts, has a thread valid for accessories of 5/8 and 3/8 inches (thanks to adapter including). On the other hand, it should be noted that the foam microphone cover is a removable element. Therefore, you can remove this filter windproof to fully reveal the RGB ring integrated in the middle of the chassis and the grill that protects the core of the device.

Maono PD200X

The peripheral has an anti-vibration mount and anti-pop filter

Maono PD200X

Universal thread integrated into the mount to attach a desktop stand

The peripheral’s control interface is concentrated in its base, composed of a mute button the microphone and a 2 in 1 knob that allows you to regulate your revenue and the volume of headphones. These controls have lightning own to indicate its status. one last buttonlocated on the foot of the device, has the function of managing the ring RGB.

Maono PD200X

Two-in-one knob to control headphone volume and microphone gain

Features of the MAONO PD200X

Ease of use is one of the great strengths of the microphone. Maono. Something that advances that specific interface made up of the few buttons that we have shown you. In fact, you won’t even need to install software to start using the PD200X. And when you connect the peripheral to the computer, in a few seconds the system recognizes it and you can work with it.

Maono PD200X

The status of the controls is indicated by the light ring surrounding the 2-in-1 knob

Maono PD200X

You can choose between 8 fixed colors and a rainbow effect in RGB lighting

Device connectivity

The microphone PD200X boasts a wide compatibility and dual connectivity. In this way, you can use it on computers Windows and Macand even on devices Android. It is worth highlighting the analog output XLRa really option professional which allows you to have this peripheral in conjunction with mixers and other systems focused on podcasting in study. Furthermore, as it has a connector 3.5mm jack you can use your headphones to monitor in real time what the microphone picks up. Essential to control that everything develops properly in your transmission.

Maono PD200X

USB-C port, XLR connector and 3.5 mm jack

On the other hand, the port USB-C provides all the advantages of plug and play using the long cable USB of 2.5 meters with double head including. Choose the connector compatible with your computer, type A or Cand go ahead with the recording.

Maono PD200X

The included USB cable has a double connector for ease of use

Microphone quality

He PD200X offers you a voice capture and recording above the basic market references. The key to its performance is based on a dynamic capsule and the cardioid polar pattern. In our tests we have seen some captures of clear and clean sound, with reasonable values ​​in all ranges, from bass to treble. Likewise, a good level of rejection of unwanted interference by the aforementioned pattern.

Maono PD200X

PD200X technology enables clear, nuanced sound capture

On a technical level, the product moves between the usual parameters of a standard category peripheral with its sampling frequency of 48KHz and 24 bit of speed. In general, we can indicate that it has exceeded expectations, more than fulfilling the basic purpose of the manufacturer as a device for podcast and live broadcasts.

Additional software

Finally we must point out to you that the PD200X is compatible with the program Maono-link Of the brand. A software that allows you to expand the possibilities of the peripheral by opening a series of settings for manage to taste some parameters and tune the results of your sound captures.

Maono-Link software

Maono-Link is the brand’s program that allows you to enjoy the full potential of the peripheral

Maono-Link software

Among the basic functions of the program you have the control of RGB lighting

Maono-Link software

Maono-Link’s advanced features give you access to equalizer and a limiter

Maono PD200X microphone technical specifications

Below we leave you a summary table with all the technical details of the microphone PD200X of MAONO:

Physical specifications
  • Microphone: 15 x 5.5 cm approx.
  • With windproof and anti-vibration mount: 16 x 10 cm approx.
Weight 250 grams approx.
Color Black or White
Materials Metal microphone body
Cable length 2.5m approx.
Sampling Rate 48kHz
Bit rate 24 bit
Capsule Dynamic
polar pattern Cardioid
Response frequency 40Hz – 16kHz
  • XLR: -52, dBV
  • USB: -10.5 dBFS/Pa (Max.)
Signal to noise ratio 78 dB
Sound Pressure Level max. >130dB
Monitoring 3.5 mm headphone jack connector
  • 2 in 1 Knob:
    • Headphone Gain/Volume
  • Mute
  • RGB
Indicators and lighting
  • Mute LED
  • knob ring
  • RGB ring
  • Windows
  • macOS
  • Android
Package content
  • Microphone with foam cover
  • Anti-vibration mount
  • USB Cable
  • 5/8 to 3/8 inch adapter
  • User manual

Conclusions, availability and price of the MAONO PD200X

Maono PD200X

The PD200X microphone is a great option that Maono offers you to start excelling in content creation

The microphone Maono PD200X offers a quality according to our expectations and the technical data of the product. We loved the high level of manufacturing of the peripheral and the extreme simplicity of installation and use. The connective duality that allows you to choose between the ease of USB and the professionalism of the analog output XLR to obtain great results in the world of podcasting. Apart, of course, from all the additional details such as the touch of customizable lighting to give it a very tone gaming to the transmissions, the good button set that improves the interaction with the peripheral, or the Jack for monitor in real time the session.

Due to the features and good finishes, the microphone Maono PD200X takes our Gold GizAward.

Gizlogic Awards GOLD

  • Easy to use.
  • Good sound level in the recording.
  • Quality of product finishes and RGB ring.
  • Mute button.
  • Jack for real-time monitoring.

  • Without stand for tabletop installation.
Total score

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