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Apple Watch bands could change wallpapers or launch apps in the future

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Apple is considering using Apple Watch bands for too change what is shown on the display of the clock as well as for uniquely identify them as original and “authorized”.

The Cupertino company has obtained a new patent in the United States, entitled “Band Identifier System For Wearable Devices” which illustrates the use of short-range communications (NFC) For “uniquely identify a band”thus opening up new possibilities:

“Device features such as color, theme or content displayed on your device may be based, in part, on the identification of a particular band”

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Basically, Apple wants that each band can allow certain functions to be unlocked on the Apple Watch, such as a matching dial, a particular application or something else. In addition, the NFC tag integrated into the band could also be used to distinguish those authorized by Apple and, if not, warn the user of possible risks or disable certain functions.

With this patent, Apple could potentially introduce a “Works with iPhone” style authorization program, which will probably also happen on iPhone 15 USB cables.

The patent is credited to seven inventors, including Daniel J. Hiemstra, who previously worked on Apple Watch antennas. Also with regard to Apple Watch, last month a patent was found relating to a strap made of electrochromic material capable of changing color when stimulated by a small electric voltage.

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