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Artificial intelligence revolutionizes email management

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The email inbox has become a challenge for many users, flooded with spam and difficult to manage.

During the last years many solutions have been presented for this issue. Google, without going any further, offers tabs to separate what is important from advertising, and other companies make their efforts to try to reach «the empty input box«.

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The fact is that artificial intelligence is presented as a promising solution to improve this situation and increase people’s productivity. I recently tried shortwave.com and was really impressed, but I’m not going to focus on just that solution.

AI simplifies the inbox

Shortwave, a company founded by a team of ex-Google employees, has developed a tool that uses AI to summarize emails and make inbox management easier. Based on GPT-3, the tool saves time by providing a short and concise version of important messages.

In addition to Shortwave, other companies are also developing AI-based solutions to improve the email experience. For example, Flowrite and HyperWrite use GPT-3 to generate the text of emails and learn users writing style. These tools have the potential to significantly increase productivity by reducing the time spent writing and managing emails.

Can write faster, create email summaries and suddenly see what we have at the entrance without having to open one by one. It’s tremendous.

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AI in other areas of digital life

AI’s ability to consume and break down vast amounts of information can also address fundamental problems in other areas of digital life. Tools like Canva, Heyday, and GitHub Copilot make it easy to create content, organize online research, and write code, respectively. It is true that there is still a lot to do in the area of ​​generating code, but what can come in the next few years is to take away the hiccups.


One of the main problems in the implementation of AI in email management is privacy. There are fears that by using AI to process emails, sensitive information could be leaked or misused. To address this issue, it is critical that companies developing AI models are aware of these risks and work on solutions that protect user privacy.

Without going any further, although I liked it a lot shortwaveI am still not able to give it permission to manage my main email account… all in good time.

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It must be remembered that AI-based tools can still have bugs and limitations. They may not generate accurate summaries or even provide no summaries at all due to unexpected errors, so it is not possible to let the machines do the job 100%, at least not yet.

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